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Purchase a New Car – Year End Sale!

Posted on 5 December 2010 | Categories : Blog, Promotion

Hurry up, while special promotion lasts! For any promotion related inquiries, please call me directly at 019-3559448 and we would try to answer every single of them.

If you want to sent me an email, we might have a hard to reply immediately. We encourage you to call the number if you are interested to purchase any cars listed on our website. Be smart, always smart!

Honda Insight Hybrid for Sale

Posted on 5 December 2010 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

Save both money and environment by buying the new Honda Insight Hybrid. For more information on this model, please visit:

Perodua Viva Elite (Executive Model)

Posted on 19 November 2010 | Categories : Blog, Promotion

» Color Option: (1) Midnight Blue (2) Ivory White (3) Classic Purple
» OTR Price: RM41,600 (Solid) and RM42,000 (Metallic)

» Contact Person: En. Ihsan at 019-355 9448

Proton Inspira – 4 Colours

Posted on 19 November 2010 | Categories : Blog, Cars News, Promotion

» Want to buy a new Proton Inspira? Call me directly at 019-355 9448 for the best deal.

Is now a good time to purchase a new car?

Posted on 18 November 2010 | Categories : Blog

This is a common question asked by our customers when it comes to end of year season. There are two important points that we should keep in mind before purchasing a new car anytime during this season. These include the level of interest rate and the amount of discounts applied. Every year, as predicted, car sales will drop off slowly when the calendar starts to hit the month of November and December. Most of the car buyers would think that the market value of their cars will be slightly higher if they purchase at the beginning of the following year. That’s totally undeniable but these issues have been addressed by most banks and car companies. These two market players in the auto industry will provide more incentives to the consumer in order to maintain their sales. In fact, the current interest rates for imported cars fall in between 2.7-3.2% compared to 3.5-3.9% (during mid year season) for 9 years tenure. Not only that, you will also hear promotions being advertised here, there and everywhere around you. These low interest rates and discount promotions are the two things that would compensate the car buyers upfront. Therefore, there’s no big difference of buying cars now or later (at the beginning of the year) by having other variables (economic growth factors) constant. Always be a smart consumer!

Honda City Lovers

Posted on 30 October 2010 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

We have received so many emails asking when the brand new white Honda City will come out to the Malaysian Market. Honda dealers have responded to this question by saying, “November is our best bet”. We know that the time is coming and to our Honda buyers, if this color is your favorite choice, we recommend you to make an early booking. Avoid a long waiting period by making a right decision, and feel free to contact 019-3559448 for more info.

Malaysia Best Selling Cars (August 2010)

Posted on 25 October 2010 | Categories : Blog, Cars News, Promotion

Top 10 National Vehicles Top 10 non-National Vehicles
Perodua Myvi 7433 Toyota Vios 3192
Perodua Viva 6533 Honda City 1901
Proton Saga 5924 Toyota Hilux 1480
Proton Persona 4461 Nissan Grand Livina 1193
Perodua Alza 3210 Honda City 1016
Proton Exora 2866 Toyota Avanza 924
Proton Waja 499 Toyota Camry 901
Proton Satria Neo 481 Mitsubishi Triton 786
Proton Gen2 208 Honda Accord 728
Proton Savvy 46 Honda CR-V 580

* Statistics taken from Malaysian Automotive Association

Would these numbers tell you which car to buy? If you are a unique type of a person and wants something different, don’t buy any cars on that list! Hahahaa :)

Proton Inspira Price List

Posted on 18 October 2010 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

We haven’t received any price confirmation for the new Proton Inspira, but you can use the following price list to get a rough estimation:

Model Transmission Color Price (OTR) D/Payment (10%) 7 years 9 years
1.8-L Executive Manual Solid RM 78,999 RM 7,899 RM 1,077 RM 895
Metallic RM 80,349 RM 8,035 RM 1,096 RM 911
Auto Solid RM 87,000 RM 8,700 RM 1,187 RM 986
Metallic RM 87,450 RM 8,745 RM 1,193 RM 991
2.0-L Premium Auto Solid RM 94,100 RM 9,410 RM 1,283 RM 1,066
Metallic RM 94,450 RM 9,445 RM 1,288 RM 1,070
Color Variant Plum Red, Solid White, Genetic Silver, Tranquility Black
Booking Fee RM 1,000
Sales Person En. Ihsan, 019-3559448

October Promotion for Toyota

Posted on 12 October 2010 | Categories : Blog, Promotion

October promotion for Toyota remains the same as last month’s promotion. Nothing is special this month but just call us at 019-3559448 if you are interested to purchase any Toyota cars. Set an appointment now! If you need to test drive, contact us immediately and you can set any time that works best for you. We look forward to providing you the best service we could offer. Click here for more info on the promotion:  Toyota October Promotion