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Customer Photo Album

Posted on 6 August 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

Click here to view our full customer album: Click here

Proton Saga FLX : Monthly Installment

Posted on 31 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Monthly Installment

After the recent drop in the interest rate for a local car, the monthly installment has seen to be much lower than usual. Below is the monthly installment for Proton Saga FLX @ interest rate of 2.9% and 10% down payment.

Model Price 7 years 9 years Grad Scheme
1.3 Standard MT (S) RM 38,148 492 401 445-474
1.3 Standard MT (M) RM 38,548 497 405 450-479
1.3 Standard AT (S) RM 41,148 530 432 480-511
1.3 Standard AT (M) RM 41,598 536 437 486-517
1.3 Executive MT (S) RM 41,948 541 441 490-521
1.3 Executive MT (M) RM 42,398 546 446 495-527
1.3 Executive AT (S) RM 44,548 574 468 520-554
1.3 Executive AT (M) RM 44,948 579 472 525-559
1.6 Executive AT (S) RM 46,549 600 489 544-578

PS: Graduate scheme pricing is calculated based 2.90%-3.80% interest with 0% down payment. The interest rate for this scheme will be determined by the bank based on your financial documents, offer letter, savings, etc.

Perodua and Proton Interest Rate

Posted on 28 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News, Promotion

Our lost to Singapore in the world cup qualifier has taken away the smiley faces among most of us, but guess what, we have a great news for you. The interest rates for the local cars, Perodua and Proton, went down from 3.25% to 2.9% for 9 years loan. We’d say this is the lowest rate so far for the past 5 years or so. This is ABSOLUTELY the BEST time for you to purchase these models. The interest rate might go up anytime soon, as it is really unusual for the interest rate to go below 3%. Fuhhh! Just don’t miss it laaaa, we don’t think that the interest rate could go any lower than this. Call En. Ihsan at 019-3559448 if you have any questions about Perodua or Proton. Make your booking as soon as possible, you don’t want to regret of having to lose this chance. Make up your mind now!


Perodua Myvi : Facebook Fan Page

Posted on 27 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

Hi All, here’s the link to our Perodua Myvi Lagi Best facebook fan page: {}. This page was created by our team, {} prior to the official launching date of this new model. Within two months, the number of fans has grown significantly due to the active participation and communication among the fans. They have been using this fan page to discuss, learn, and share the latest information about this new myvi. The fans, mostly the new myvi owners, are also willing to answer your question if you post it on the wall. Join this page if you are a true myvian. If you are interested to purchase this model, you can call our Perodua dealer, En. Ihsan at 019-3559448. The waiting period for the new premium auto is approximately around (2-3 months), elegance auto is (3-4 months) but still, depending on colors. Call us for booking! The earlier the better!

Proton Inspira Low Down Payment

Posted on 26 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Monthly Installment, Promotion

With RM 4,000 discount taken off from Proton Inspira’s price tag, the monthly installment of this model will be as follow: (Calculation is made based on 3.2% interest rate)


Model Price D/payment 7 years 9 years
1.8 Manual RM 78,999 3,900 1,036 848
1.8 Auto RM 84,999 4,500 1,115 912
2.0 Auto RM 91,900 5,190 1,205 986

Previous Customers – Photo Album

Posted on 26 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

Below are the links to our previous customers photo album:

1. Year 2011 : Click here

2. Year 2010 : Click here

PS: These pictures were taken at the time of their car delivery. We didn’t include all of our customers’ photos in here and these are just part of it. Just FYI.

Proton Saga FLX – CVT Transmission

Posted on 25 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

The new CVT transmission is now used by the latest version of Proton Saga, which is FLX version. With this upgrade, the new proton saga prices increased by almost RM 1,000, depending on the model. The new prices can be viewed at the Proton Edar’s website : {}. We still haven’t updated the prices due to the abundance of Proton Saga FL stocks, not FLX. If you are interested with the FL version, click here to view the price : {}. Below is the copy of FLX brochures:

Perodua Myvi Lagi Best Brochures

Posted on 21 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

Interesting news! We got a ready stock for Perodua Myvi Auto Standard, Manual Standard and Manual Premium! Call us now at 019-3559448. Below are the links to the brochure:

1. Perodua Myvi Standard and Premium : Click here
2. Perodua Myvi Elegance : Click here

Perodua Hari Raya Promotion

Posted on 20 July 2011 | Categories : Blog, Promotion

Most of our customers have asked us about the Perodua stocks and we are here to inform you that Perodua Alza and Perodua Viva have plenty of ready stocks and you may get the car delivered before Hari Raya. If you are interested to purchase Perodua Myvi Lagi Best, we have ready stocks for manual transmission only. The waiting period for auto (any models) could reach 2-4 months after booking is made. Call us now for booking and best price at 019-3559448. Below are the links to our Perodua Pages:

Model Link
Perodua Myvi {Click here}
Perodua Alza {Click here}
Perodua Viva {Click here}

For any car purchase from Mybestcardealer, you are entitled to receive our special free gifts listed on our website : {}