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Perodua Myvi – Official Price

Posted on 16 June 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

It has been an amazing day for us at the Perodua Showroom and its getting better after the news of almost RM 500 being cut from the original price tag of the new Perodua myvi. Click here to view the updated price list.

Toyota Promotion – June

Posted on 15 June 2011 | Categories : Blog, Promotion

Toyota Promotion on June 2011: (Select one option only)

Model Price (From) Option 1 Option 2
Avanza RM62,000 Rebate RM 1,500 (none)
Prius RM139,900 (none) Rebate RM1,600  + Tint Package + 2 years maintenance
Innova RM95,619 Rebate RM 1,500 Option 1 + 2 years Service Voucher (Eon, Affin, RHB)
Hilux RM73,225 Rebate RM 1,088 1 year Service Voucher
Altis RM105,900 Rebate RM 1,500 Option 1 + 2 years maintenance (Eon, Affin, RHB)
Vios RM71,990 Rebate RM 1,500 Option 1 + 2 years maintenance (Eon, Affin, RHB)
Fortuner RM166,000 (none) (none)
Camry RM145,000 Rebate RM 1,600  + Toyota Tinted Option 1 + 2 years maintenance (Eon, Affin and RHB Only)

Call our dealer at 019-3559448 for more information.

New Perodua Myvi Monthly Installments

Posted on 13 June 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

These calculations are made based on Maybank’s latest rates. Please note that you should be eligible for lower monthly payment if you do have outstanding financial records. Call our Perodua Authorized dealer at 019-3559448 for more information.

Model Transmission Price 10% Down Payment 7 years 9 years
1.3 Standard (S) Manual RM 44,426 4,443 597 497
1.3 Standard (M) Manual RM 44,926 4,493 604 503
1.3 Standard (S) Auto RM 47,426 4,743 637 530
1.3 Standard (M) Auto RM 47,926 4,793 644 536
1.3 Premium (M) Manual RM 47,726 4,773 641 534
1.3 Premium (S) Manual RM 47,226 4,723 634 528
1.3 Premium (S) Auto RM 50,226 5,023 674 561
1.3 Premium (M) Auto RM 50,726 5,073 681 567
1.3 Elegance (S) Manual RM 54,408 5,441 730 608
1.3 Elegance (M) Manual RM 54,908 5,491 737 613
1.3 Elegance (S) Auto RM 57,388 5,739 770 640
1.3 Elegance (M) Auto RM 57,908 5,791 776 646

Perodua Myvi Specification

Posted on 7 June 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

The specification details work for both transmission, auto and manual.

Specifications Standard Premium Elegance
Dual Airbags Yes Yes Yes
ABS Yes Yes Yes
Electric Power Steering Yes Yes Yes
4 Power Windows Yes Yes Yes
Rear Spoiler Yes Yes
Built in GPS Yes
Alarm Yes Yes Yes
Alloy Rims Yes Yes
Fog Lamp Yes Yes
Carpet Mat Yes Yes Yes
Tool Kit Yes Yes Yes
Safety Triangle Yes Yes Yes
Underseat Tray Yes Yes Yes
Door Visor Yes Yes Yes
Boot Tray Yes Yes Yes
Seat Height Adjuster Yes Yes Yes
ISO Fix Child Restraint System Yes Yes Yes
Projector Head Lamp Yes Yes Yes

Interest Rate Update

Posted on 7 June 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

Well, you know what, all banks were supposed to use the rates (either for local or imported cars) that we posted on our site almost a week ago, but some of the banks don’t. There’s a still a chance for you to get a lower rate than the one we posted. We are sorry for the confusion. The banks are seemed to be against with each other, be competitive aren’t they? We should not care about the details, it’d always be good for us, the customers. Call us for a better rate, and you don’t need to say that we don’t offer you the best rates, it’s just so wrong. If you have better financial records and they all meet the bank’s requirements, then you should be entitled for a lower rate. Simple as that. We’ve been in this business for almost a decade, and we know what we are doing. Leave it to us, perhaps, don’t worry about finding any lower rate, we’ll do the best we can to help you. If you find a need to estimate your monthly installment, please use the rate shown here, or it is on the interest rate tab on our unofficial website. It’d be a good approximation to your calculations. Call us at 019-3559448 for further details. Please don’t ask us anything about used cars’ interest rate, we are clearly not a used car specialist. Hope you guys know the differences.

Proton Cars – Special Promotions

Posted on 6 June 2011 | Categories : Blog, Promotion

There are a lot of discounts to be given away. Different model would have different amount of discount promotion and all you need to do is to contact us directly at 019-3559448. No email will be replied on this one, just give us a call. Make sure that you know which model that you want to get, please be specific. Example: (Proton Saga B-Line Auto Solid Color)

Proton Saga Proton Gen-2 Proton Exora Proton Waja
Proton Persona Proton Inspira Proton Satria Proton Savvy

New Perodua Myvi Price List

Posted on 6 June 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

The interest rate will be within 3.75%-3.80% (Approximation Only). Click here to calculate the monthly installment.

Model Transmission Colour Price
Standard (Ez) Auto Solid RM 47,426
Standard (Ez) Auto Metallic RM 47,926
Premium (Ezi) Auto Solid RM 50,226
Premium (Ezi) Auto Metallic RM 50,726
Elegance (Eze) Auto Solid RM 57,388
Elegance (Eze) Auto Metallic RM 57,908

Imported Cars : Car Loan Interest Rate

Posted on 1 June 2011 | Categories : Blog

The rates shown below will be applied to any new imported cars (Honda, Toyota, Naza, Hyundai, etc) in Malaysia. However, there are a few banks that would consider to lower the rates up to 0.1% depending on your good saving and bank statement records.

Loan Amount 1-5 years 7 years 9 years
RM 120,000 2.90% 2.91% 2.93%
RM 130,000 2.89% 2.90% 2.92%
RM 140,000 2.89% 2.89% 2.92%
RM 150,000 2.87% 2.89% 2.92%
RM 160,000 2.87% 2.89% 2.91%
RM 170,000 2.87% 2.88% 2.91%
RM 180,000 2.86% 2.88% 2.91%
RM 190,000 2.86% 2.87% 2.91%
RM 200,000 2.86% 2.87% 2.90%
RM 250,000 2.84% 2.86% 2.89%
RM 300,000 2.83% 2.86% 2.89%

Proton Persona Solid White is now available

Posted on 26 May 2011 | Categories : Blog, Cars News

Proton will launch a Persona in solid white colour today. The 1,600cc Persona is available in two transmission, both automatic and manual. Below is the price list for it:

Model Transmission Price
High Line Automatic RM59,049
Medium Line Automatic RM55,549
Medium Line Manual RM52,549