Banner Advertising

Advertising opportunities at MY should not be missed! Great opportunities are opened to any companies that would like to advertise their new cars, promotions and latest events on MY website. MY website has always been on the top rank of Google Search. Marketing is all about money and the wrong decisions can cost you dearly and we will do anything we can to help you making the right decision. You may not start a new marketing project every day, but we do, so steal our expertise and add it to yours. Remember! MY visitors are mostly car buyers who are trying to find useful information from our website. With your attractive promotions, you may change their purchasing decisions. Be a smart advertiser, only with us! Any inquiries, please email us at

Monthly Statistics

Our monthly visitors are increasing every month! Last year, approximately 8000 visitors come to our website! However, this year, the average increased to 20,000 visitors. Our base is growing with an external support from Million Cars and Myfriends2u Marketplaces.

Weekly Statistics

The number of our monthly visitors is 5,000 on average. Advertise with us and we will help you to promote your businesses.

Advertising Rate

Section Slide Number Dimension Rate
Main Page One 720 x 352 RM 500 /month
Two 720 x 352 RM 450 /month
Three 720 x 352 RM 400 /month
Promotion Page Four 720 x 352 RM 300 /month
Five 720 x 352 RM 300 /month
Promotion Page Rectangular 209 x 156 RM 100 /month

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Advertise at Our Blog

We have 2 advertisement options on our blog. The first one is an entry post, and the second one is the banner advertisement on the sidebar. Both options are RM 150 per month, but the entry post will always be on our blog forever. Email us the details if you are interested.