About My Best Car Dealer

My Best Car Dealer is the name we always proud of.

Since our inception, we have always aspired to enrich society through our own way. We call ourselves MY because it represents the name of our beloved country, Malaysia. MY has been operated for more than a year by the end of June 2010. MY has always been aware of the hassle involved with purchasing ones first car, the dealer, the negotiation and traveling from show room to show room. These are why MY has designed this new website on July, 2010. MY has been revolved around the total customer satisfaction and experience. MY’s primary goal is to provide you the customer with all the services that you would get by going to the car showroom but without the headache and all are done from the comfort of your computer seat. MY dealers or representatives have been in business for more than five years and have sold over 3000 vehicles to our satisfied customers. Our secret is we operate under direct marketing strategy where customer centricity is held at prime level. Our customer is the only reason we are here. We are always here for you.

Moving Forward

We live now in the present but MY has brought us to the future. The future is our destiny that never ends. Let us lead you to the bright future because we know exactly who we are and we know exactly what you want. Purchase your car with us and enjoy the best purchasing experience of all time.

Our Previous Customers !!