Proton Saga New Price 2014


Proton Saga is one of the top selling car models by #mybestcardealer in 2013. Check out the latest price and monthly instalment for the new Proton Saga FLX 2014:

Proton Saga Price 7 years 9 years
Saga 1.3 SV MT 33,426  426 346
Saga 1.3 SV AT 36,426  464 377
Saga 1.3 Executive MT 41,923  534 434
Saga 1.3 Executive AT 44,523  567 461
Saga 1.6 SE AT 49,226  627 510

The calculation is based on 10% down payment and 2.7% car loan interest rate. The interest rate is subject to change depending on bank’s approval. Please download your full Proton Saga FLX price quotation at

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155 Responses to Proton Saga New Price 2014

  1. Smith says:

    I am interested in both Saga 1.3 Executive AT and Saga 1.6 SE AT.I am a fresh grad so can u send me a quotation and for both fresh grad scheme and guarantor scheme?

  2. Abdul Rahman Julaihi says:


    I live in Sarawak. Can I still get your deal?

  3. Ann says:

    Hi, I m interested proton Saga SV. What is yr promotion package.
    Please advice when got stock for Year 2014. Thanks

  4. siti says:

    Hi I would like to get quotation for Saga 1.3 FLX SV and Persona SV for Grade Scheme. Pls advice Thanks

  5. dev says:

    Hie.. i am interested on saga sv cvt.. can u send me quote for this..
    and i wish to trade in my viva Oct 2011 to get this..

    Can you arrange for the trade in as well ?


  6. asmida says:

    hello, sy berminat untuk dptkan Saga 1.3 SV MT untuk 9 years loan. sy kakitgn kerajaan. tp ada ke skim 0% downpayment?

  7. dina says:

    plis emel saya tuk saga flx se 1.6

  8. Will says:

    hi..if i looking for Saga 1.3 standard MT … is it no need downpayment, straight to 9 years full loan..if like those situation, what doc need i to prepare(working place at sg,but malaysian)

  9. Anbu says:

    I am interested to purchase saga exec 1.6 auto with full loan. pls forward me the quote and loan details. How long it takes for processing and delivery of the car?

  10. Robert Nah says:

    I bought and sold a 2009 Saga BLM 2 years ago. It was giving me on 27 Mile Per Gallon no matter how gentle I was on the gas pedal. I am told the new FLX give better fuel consumption. May I know how many mile per gallon on the Manual and the Auto.

    • admin says:

      We don’t have answer to that specifically but you can check out Proton Edar’s website under the list of specifications.

  11. tashatiar says:

    Saya nak tanye saya layak ke kalo saya nak saga flx se 1.6 macam mana boleh saya berurusan…

  12. AINA SAMION says:


  13. Andreana Rosalia says:

    I am a fresh graduate. Can I have the scheme?

  14. roslina binti misron says:

    hai…saya goverment servant. nak cari saga mt o downpayment. call me urgent.

  15. Sam Foo says:

    Hi,i’m really interesting in Proton Saga FLX 1.6(A),i would like to have detail in everything such as loan etc.Thanks

  16. rahim says:

    am retired and interested to buy cash SAGA SV 1.3 CVT metallic. Please email me the price and where to purchase.

  17. Jessieca says:


  18. Zatil says:

    Hi, pls email me the quote and loan details for Saga 1.6 SE auto and saga 1.3 SV auto.

  19. shima says:

    Ade offer utk full loan

  20. sharifah says:

    Hi..please email me the quote for saga 1.3 SV MT..

  21. Nor Fatihah says:

    Hi, boleh send quotation utk saga SV and saga SE auto/ manual? Saya ingin tahu jika mengambilnye dgn 0 downpayment.please email me harga penuh dan payment monthly. Thank you

  22. BAD says:

    Hi, boleh send quotation utk saga SV and saga SE auto/ manual? Saya ingin tahu jika mengambilnye dgn 0 downpayment.please email me harga penuh dan payment monthly. Thank you . * saya perlukan nya dengan full details . dan bulanan . tq

  23. Sarah says:

    hello , mind to email me the newest quotation for Saga 1.3 SV AT for 9 years full loan . Thanks

  24. Hi..saya minat saga sv-mt.kalau basic saya rm1200 adakah saya lepas atau perlu gerantor

  25. Aina Zara says:

    Hi, mind to email me the latest promotion for Saga flx, also the latest quotation for full loan with no down payment.. I am Sabahan but stay & working in Penang. My Basic salary is Rm1500,am I qualified for full loan? do I need guarantor? Wat r the doc that I need to prepare?

  26. Zunurain says:

    hye, sy lepasan graduate dan baru 2 bulan bekerja dan ingin ambil Saga 1.3 SV MT with 0% downpayment,, boleh ker?

  27. Laila says:

    Hi, kalau saya nak guna fresh graduate scheme kena berapa lama selepas graduate baru boleh pakai scheme ini?

  28. juliana says:

    hi. saya fresh graduate bru ad 1mth payment slip. gji basic 2k .bole apply untuk saga 1.3 exec (AT) x? send quotation la utk sy. klw menerima trade-in. terangkn jugak klw sy nk trade in Wira-1995 owner ayah sy, jd boleh x sy dpt loan bru ni ats nme sy.

  29. Aini says:

    hi, sy nak berminat dengan Saga 1.3 Executive AT dan Saga 1.3 SV AT..
    - sy baru sahaja bekerja dengan pendapatan 3k sebulan (dah confirm)
    - masih belum mempunyai lesen (dalam proses)
    so, adakah sy boleh mendapat loan tanpa lesen sendiri? adakah sy layak untuk graduate scheme & 0% downpayment? dan brapekah quotation untuk kedua kereta tersebut?..

    terima kasih.

    • admin says:

      Hi aini, yes you boleh dapatkan loan tanpa mempunyai lesen. Sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448 jika you berminat.

  30. Low Weng Onn says:

    Hi sir,
    I have intend to buy a cheap new car but with good or reasonable fuel consumption. As per quoted by Proton that the Saga Flx SV having fuel consumption at 6.3L/100Km (12cts per km); can I understand if this figure is true and validated? I have many friends’ feedback that Saga Flx is very bad in fuel consumption and the figure is anyhow higher than 20cts per km; this is about 67% higher compare to whats quoted. Is there an official specs to confirm this Saga Flx SV fuel consumption capability? Please clear my doubt and help me to make decision whether to buy this Saga Flx SV. Thanks.

  31. Sangeetha says:

    Hie..My income is RM850 per month and i have a housing loan under my name..Will i be able to buy this car?thnx

  32. Winnie says:


    I’m interested with Proton Saga 1.3SV (A) for 9yr with 100% full and could you please advice for the quotation as well. I wish to trade in my Kenari 1.0(A).

    I just working for 3months with 3k income only. Please advice for urgent action.


  33. Winnie says:

    Y no reply from you..???

  34. nora says: bminat nk beli saga se .gjibasic rm950.tlg email sy hrge kreta n monthly installment skli.tq..

  35. yad says:

    klu sy amik saga blm 1.3 auto se…bpatutan x harga 27k… kereta modal ni slalu ada problem x

  36. Nisha says:

    Hi saya berminat untuk beli kereta proton saga dengan syarat 0 downpaymnet, bulanan dalam RM300-RM400.

    Sila email saya details.

    Thank you

  37. smartiez says:

    Hi,I’m a university student,I’m looking for the monthly installment for saga flx which is not exceed than rm 250.

  38. Intanmahsuri says:

    Saya berminat dengan Saga FLX SE. Bolehkah saya apply full loan dan tiada lesen. Bukan graduate dan kerja swasta. 


  39. wani says:

    Salam,boleh x saya nak tau perbezaan interest untuk loan saga executive cvt 1.3 matelic utk 9,7 & 5 tahun. 10% downpayment… Tq.

  40. zura says: nk tnya…untk permohonan kreta nie…minimun umur brpe???

  41. jurisha says:

    Hey,I’m a university student. Plan to buy saga flx car. is it possible to gt loan ?
    I’m looking for the monthly installment which is not more than rm 400..

  42. pris says:

    Hi, I am interested to know how much is the Saga SV full spec. cost. If I want to pay 5 yrs installment, how much down payment do I hv to pay?

  43. james says:


    I am mm2h holder. How much can get for car loan here (maximum)? Not from Singapore (working there now).

    Want to buy Flx auto.

    Thank you.


  44. Loges says:

    hai. i would like to buy saga flx car. im just start to work so there is no bank balance in my account. but im use my dad money as a deposit for buy car.. is possible ?? will i get loan ?
    and i neeed the quatation for saga flx.

  45. Raymond says:

    Hi is this price still valid for now august/22?? can send me a quotation too? As fresh graduate just started working for 6 months.. Need to compare FLX SE 1.6 with Exe and SV .. ( all are AT) thanks

  46. fahmi says:

    hi,sy nk tahu bolehkah sy beli kete saga flx 1.3 auto standard dengan 15% d/p.gaji sy bersih rm1500.adakah sy layak atau ape yg sy perlukan?

  47. fauzi says:

    hai, boleh saya tahu detail mengenai saga 1.3 SV MT dengan 0% downpayment?

  48. sha says:

    Hi pls pm reg graduate scheme tq

  49. Muhammad Syahmi Bin Rosli says:

    Hi,I’m a university student,I’m looking for the monthly installment for saga flx which is not exceed than rm 250.

  50. habib says:

    Saya berminat dgn saga flx se 1.6auto..
    Bleh sy tahu syarat utk full loan..dgn sape sy patut berurusan?sy tgal di kulim kedah..

  51. Jane says:

    I am interested to buy a Proton Saga 1.3A for my son and at the same time to trade in a 2006 1.6 Gen2 (A). My questions are:-
    a. what is the trade in value for my Gen 2
    b. what is the d/p for saga 1.3A, 100% financing – how much is the instalment per month.

    Best regards

  52. shah says:

    Hai,sy sdg buat latihan industri dan bakal graduasi.. boleh x sy buat full loan utk saga 1.3 A dan family sy ada ssm.. minta pencerahan..

  53. james says:

    I’m interested to buy a Proton Saga 1.3 and 1.6.I am a fresh grad so can u send me a quotation and for both fresh grad scheme and guarantor scheme?

  54. Vani says:


    just wan to ask Saga 1.3 SV AT without down payment how much. can u send me the quotation.

    Price for

    7 years

    9 years

    Thank you

  55. frankielau says:

    Hi,I’m a university student,I’m looking for the monthly installment for saga flx which is not exceed than rm 250, can you send me the quotation

  56. nazrul says:

    blh sy dptkan quotation untuk saga 1.6 se without down payment…
    ada x any package untuk saga 1.6 se

  57. aziz says:

    dapatka quotation harga utk saga blm 1.3 auto c/w ngv. sila nyatakan bila boleh deliver

  58. muhammad says:

    Saya nak tahu monthly saga sv cvt,utk 0 d.p and 10% dp.

  59. Muhammad says:

    Hi… Sy berminat dengan saga flx sv metallic.. Sy students tp ada bwat bisness sampingan.. Bole sy dapat details utk loan?

  60. Diana Ismail says:

    Salam. Saya berminat dgn saga 1.3 sv mt. Gaji basic saya rm1500, +ot rm2100. Adakah saya layak apply loan with 10% downpayment?
    Please email quotation. Terima kasih.

  61. Shazlina Rahim says:

    Hye,saya berminat utk Saga 1.3 sv mt dan saga 1.3 executive mt. Boleh email saya quotation utk on the road price termasuk road tax,insurans?dan downpayment kurang dari 10%.

  62. nad says:

    Saye bminat dgn saga flx 1.3 cvt ..can send me the quotation for 9 yrs installment, if 0% ,5% and 10% dp….tq

  63. Scholastica John says:

    hye, sy bminat proton saga flx 1.3,sv, auto.
    Gaji basic 1.2k +service point=3k sbln.
    Boleh hntr quotation 9thn, d/p 0 & hadiah2/ pakej

  64. Siti Noraini says:

    Saya berminat utk memiliki saga flx 1.3 auto.
    bole tlg hntr – promotion price dec 14 n ansuran blnn 0 d/p
    – free gift yg dberi
    – interest rate bank

  65. ROSHADA says:

    Hi… I interesting 2 buy saga flx 1.3 sv AT.. Im just working at supermarket.. n my salary around RM1200/month.. n i want 2 have full loan… T.q

  66. khairil says:

    hai …saya berminat untuk grade scheme

  67. Ms Chew says:

    email me saga 1.3 sv auto

  68. Yun says:

    Hi, my I have your latest price list for 2015 after GST? Im interested in 1.3AT..

  69. ema says:

    hi may i hv yr latest quotation for Saga 1.6 Manual.

  70. Hidayah says:

    Im a university you have any special deal for student? Im looking for the monthly installment for saga flx which is not exceeded rm 250.

  71. admin says:

    AsSalam Hidayah, are you looking for a new or used car model?

  72. Azira binti sanusi says:

    Salam..saya berminat dengan model saga auto..boleh bagi saya quotation? Terima kasih

  73. karty says:

    Pls send me quotation for saga flx. Monthly budget 350. Fresh graduate. 0% dp. Basic 1.8. Commission normally 1.5k. Working in kl

  74. Remy Nair says:

    hi admin, send me quotation for basic auto. Basic 2.8K not included commission,zero down payment … but i’m just 20 years old…need advice,tq

  75. Akram says:

    Saga sv mt. 9 tahun. .gaji sya basic RM 980 + OT = 1300 BOLEH dpt x?

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