Toyota Hari Raya Promotion | July – August 2013

Toyota Hari Raya promotion! This promotion is exclusively offered  by #mybestcardealer. Enjoy our free gifts package and the lowest interest rate offered from our Bank Panels. Please contact our experienced Toyota  Authorized Dealer at 019-3559448. Click here to download the latest price quotation for your brand new Toyota : Toyota Price List 2013

Toyota Duit Raya Free Gifts Package
Altis RM 4,000 Rebate MY Free Gifts
Camry 2.0 E RM 6,000 Rebate MY Free Gifts
Camry 2.0 G RM 8,000 Rebate MY Free Gifts
Camry 2.0 V RM 10,000 Rebate MY Free Gifts
Prius C RM 6,000 Rebate MY Free Gifts
Prius RM 7,000 Rebate MY Free Gifts
Avanza RM 1,000 Rebate MY Free Gifts

* Get your Toyota Price quotation at , MY Free Gifts details can be found from the link provided. Please note that Toyota Vios is currently unavailable and you may have to wait for the new 2013 model to be launched.

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54 Responses to Toyota Hari Raya Promotion | July – August 2013

  1. teohklee says:

    may i get the quotation for camry??Please advise!

  2. afif says:

    Vios de diskaun raya x?

  3. nazz says:

    pls pm quotation plus free gift

  4. thes says:

    hi please send me your best quotation for all the innova models

  5. jezz says:

    can i get the quotation for all camry models please. thx

  6. chris says:

    can i get quotations for the prius c? thanks! and the gifts!

  7. Sherry says:

    Hi, can quote the altis 1.8G and what is th3 free gifts ya?

  8. Tony says:

    Please email me the best price for all range of Altis with rebate. Plus the attractive gift as mention>?
    Besides, when the new Vios will be launch and can be book?

    • admin says:

      The new Vios is expected to be launched in early October. Please check your email for our latest promotion for Altis.

  9. Mr. K says:

    Hi please email me best quotation for
    1. Prius C
    2. Altis 1.6 (A)

    Also with trade in Kelisa 2002(M)
    Best rebate and gifts :)

  10. Ahmad says:

    Need to trade in Altis 1.8G Auto Camry.How much and any discount.Problem is my Loan can I get Toyota Capital for blacklist.

  11. Chan Yew Wah says:


    I would be appreciated if you could forward Camry 2.0G price list and promotion/discount/rebate. Thanks.

  12. zukrie says:

    rebate kereta avanza rm1000 tu macam mana cerita? tolak dari downpayment ke? nett salary saya rm2k saja tapi kalau saya bayar downpayment rm20k perlu penjamin jugak ke?

  13. zukrie says:

    this promotion available for Sabah/Sarawak also?

  14. zukrie says:

    vios new modal bila lunch? bila boleh booking? boleh mail catalog new model vios?

    • admin says:

      It will be launched in October. Brochures or catalog masih belum ada.

      • zukrie says:

        why there is so many different price between selling price in the Toyota web and sale advisor? bolehkah saya dapatkan harga seperti dalam web Toyota sekiranya semua urusan pendaftaran saya lakukan sendiri?

      • admin says:

        Utk model baru harga belum confirm

  15. azra says:

    Can you send me the quotation or camry 2.0E

  16. evin chong says:

    Can you send me a quotation for avanza 1.5 and vios. TQ.

  17. msuhaims69 says:

    I would be appreciated if you could forward Camry 2.0G price list and promotion/discount/rebate/free gift. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      We have emailed you the latest quotation for Toyota Camry. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

  18. captspyder8 says:

    need quotation for hilux 2.5 d/c AT non there any promo avail for hilux

  19. ny says:

    Pls mail to me how rebates work for Prius C.
    Rebate means discount??

  20. ng says:

    can u send me the quotation for Prius C
    how much does it rebate

  21. Alex says:

    Any special rate for Toyota Innova ?

  22. Faizal Saad says:

    Can u please email me camry 2.0g quotation including rebate or any special offer. Thanks. .

  23. says:

    Can u please email me latest rebate and price quotation for this Prius C.

  24. dellajeem says:

    can i get latest rebate and price quotation for prius c? thanks! and the gifts!

  25. Kavi says:

    Hi, I’m interested to get Prius C and can get a quotation from you soon with detail on down-payment and rebate. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  26. ifa says: interested to get Toyota Vios (A).can i get a quotation and want to trade in Myvi2009(M).have any rebate n promotion for RAYA?Thanks

  27. Evon says:

    Please quote me the price for 2.5 Camry (full spec) in black colour, GPS and
    the fiber skirting to be included.

    If i want to trade in 2.4 Camry for the year of 2004, can i have the highest rate which you can offer me.

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