2013 Toyota Vios | Price List


Below is the estimated price for the brand new 2013 Toyota Vios that is expected to be launched in Malaysia on October 1st, 2013.  For any inquiries regarding this model or booking process, please contact our Toyota Authorized Dealer at 019-3559448.

Model Estimated Price 7 years 9 years
Vios J (MT) RM 76,000 951 770
Vios J RM 80,000 1,001 811
Vios E RM 86,000 1,076 871
Vios G RM 92,000 1,151 932
Vios TRD RM 97,000 1,214 983

The monthly installment plan is based on 10% down payment with estimated interest rate of 2.4%


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215 Responses to 2013 Toyota Vios | Price List

  1. Gloria says:

    Is there any promotion on July 2013?

  2. looking for a new car says:

    How come there is a price difference between the old and the new one ? I thought the government was slowly bringing the prices down on cars ? ie : the old model G was priced around 80k+ but this one is nearing Mazda 3 monthly RM900+ installment already (calculated using 10% d/p and a min of 2.4% = 9 yrs loan). That is another extra RM100 than what we are paying for the current Vios model. I’m not any other brand car salesman but just sharing my view

    • admin says:

      Agree, but in all cases, whenever there is a new model comes into the market, they would increase the price by slight amount.

  3. Azman says:

    saya nak beli toyoto vios 2013… kakitangan kerajaan dgn basic 2k keatas…0 downpayment…can u pm me?

    • admin says:

      Kami dah emailkan quotation dan kemungkinan besar you perlukan penjamin kerana gaji bersih you tidak memenuhi syarat kelayakan.

  4. Jeff says:

    New vios coming out 1st Oct. Can order earlier before launch date? If order on the 1st Oct launch date, when will be the earliest possible date to get the new car (by Oct) ?

  5. kong7701 says:

    hi,betul ke harga vios 2013 ini?tq..

  6. zukrie says:

    saya nak beli Toyota avanza typeG ada promosi terbaru ke?

  7. cik kay says:

    I’m a Degree graduate, just started work for 4 months. basic salary 2800k can up to 3.2k.. can u emel me the quotation for new Vios. i plan to buy car with 0 downpayment with 9yrs installment. but when exactly new Vios will be launch and when we can get it?

    • admin says:

      Salam, we have emailed you the details. The model will be launched in October.

      • Cik Mai says:

        Saya berminat nak beli Vios ni. gaji saya basic 2700 n contractual basis. boleh tak if saya nak beli dgn 0 downpayment boleh ke? blh email quotation tak?

  8. evin chong says:

    Can you please send me a quotation of avanza and vios?

  9. ariel says:

    Plz pm me a quotation bout new vios.tq

  10. quickgamers says:

    HI, would like to have quo for VIOS 2013 J Variant. How much for installment for full loan and 90% loan?

  11. ruman says:

    Salam. Tolong hntr quote utk vios baru boleh?kalu gj pokok 27**…kena ad penjamin ke?

  12. yan sze says:

    Can u quo the vios 1.5g for me and
    I wan to know the spec too.

  13. Black says:

    can i have the details for 2013 vios version and qoutation. Is it possible to buy the older version after this new version being lauched? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      The old model is no longer available. Please check your email if you would like to purchase any other model.

  14. Sphinx Low says:


    Pls send me the quotation of the vios, and the promotion (discount).


  15. vIKI says:

    Hi, I would like enquire about the New Vios that is launching on 1st October.. How much is the booking fee, whats the specification?

  16. Wart says:

    Hi, bole send dkt saya quotation dan brochure untuk toyota vios baru 2013. TQ.

  17. missmagic says:

    Hi..pls send me the quotation for vios 2013..

  18. sue says:

    Sy nk trade in kereta perdana tahun 2002 2.0..slightly dah byr 3th..outstanding nak trade in dgn vios baru yg akn lunching pada oct 2013

  19. Firdaus Fauzi says:


    Can you send me the quotation for vios 2013?


  20. Wong says:

    Hi ,
    Can you send me the quotation for vios 2013 due to there is no more old stock. For new vios 2013, any promotion price or any rebate ? What is difference between old and new vios 1.5G ?


  21. nurizzatie says:

    can u email quotation new vios

  22. Eddy says:

    Hi, just want to get update new vios 2013 G and E spec price still maintain current model? Did there have 8 years installment plan. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Eddie, the price is expected to be higher by RM 2,000 compared to the current Vios. Please check your email for more info.

  23. Visu says:

    I would like to know the latest price of Vios and the interest rate as well.

    many thanks :)

  24. Faizal says:

    can u email quotation new vios
    Thank you very much

  25. Muzz DANI says:

    Hai.. saya kakitangan kerjaan tetap bermint dgn model baru vios E & G 2013, gji bersih RM2600 .. boleh buat full loan ke? ataupun masih perlu bayar D/P?

  26. mr. lonely says:

    I want trade in myvi SE 2010 to vios J(MT) @ G.. plez give me quotation.. tq

  27. juli says:

    hye there. would like to ask do the rebate still valid. can i know until when?

    • admin says:

      It applies to the current model but the current model is no longer available nationwide. Please check your email for the new 2013 model.

  28. mimy says:

    if i order on 1st oct, when is the possible date to get the new Vios?

  29. rajy says:

    Hi, i would like to have the quotation for new Vios 2013. tq.

  30. rassan says:

    Hi, kindly advise if can arrange quotation for new Vios 2013 J (auto) and E specs with 0% down-payment, 7 years loan, and minimum booking fees as well. Thanks.

  31. azue says:


    Can you send me the quotation for vios 2013?


  32. adi says:

    saya ada vios e tahun 2009.. mau trade in beli vios e model baru lak..
    brapa rega buley dapat kalu trade in model 2009?

    brapa lama stok buley dapat?

  33. Ahlong says:

    Can i get the price list for this new vios in west malaysia and east malaysia? Where and when was this launching been held?

  34. Fizalali says:

    I want trade in Kelisa EZI Auto 2005 to vios J(AT) @ E.. plez give me quotation.. tq

  35. Ida says:

    Hi..can we have 0 downpymnt for new toyota vios?any promotion?

  36. misra says:


    Saya gov-servant. Basic + allowance 4k++ tapi gaji bersih tinggal 2k shj.
    Boleh buat full loan tak ?
    Boleh emelkan saya quotation utk variant auto (kecuali TRD)

  37. zaki says:

    Hi..can we have 0 downpymnt for new toyota avanza 1.6 A ?any promotion for year end 2013. how bout interest rate?

  38. farid says:

    sy krj gov. gaji bersih da tolak personal loan tgl 1300. ada proton wira 1999. mcmn. bole wat full loan x? @ trade in wira jadikan d/payment. emailkan quotation bg vios j(at) k. tq

  39. M.Kanes says:

    Kalau i nak trade in myvi EZI 2007. buy virus

  40. kanes says:

    Kalau i nak trade in myvi EZI 2007. buy vios baru. how .tadi Salah taip. .

  41. sara says:

    Hi im gov servant.gaji I basic rm3200.bolehtak I dapat full loan untuk kereta vios baru.i nak trade in viva tahun 2008 manual.plz hantar quotation. Tq.

  42. Jane says:

    pls send me toyota vios E and J ,Mazda 2 , and Nissan almera quotation with any promotion/discount. thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jane, we have emailed you the latest quotation. Please check your email and let us know if you are interested.

  43. Norhasniza Halim says:

    I nk trade in viva ez 2010..tuk amik vios.basic 3.2 tp ada beli rumah sharing loan monthly rm1200..senang x nk apply loan lg.

  44. Alex says:

    Hi..sye nk tnye..sye minat vios trd bru.gaji sye 3k include elaun..perlu penjamin ke tak?leh email quotation?thanx..

  45. nurfazillah zulkefle says:

    Bleh x sy nak dptkan quatition utk toyota vios yg terbaru??

  46. izan says:

    Salam.boleh bagi quatation untuk vios model j,ada x rebat sekiranya beli vios j..

  47. ayu says:

    Boleh sy dapatkn quotation for vios j dan e 2013 wif any promotion and discount? Tq..

  48. nuruls says:

    I wanna trade in persona 2008 to vios ..can u email me quotation and spec.. tq

  49. Shikin says:

    Hi,sy nk trade in Myvi SE Auto 2009 dgn Vios G..basic gaji rm3k..boleh ke sy dpt full loan untuk vios baru..boleh hantar quatation..tq in advance..

    • admin says:

      Salam Shikin, kami dah emailkan quotation bagi Toyota Vios tersebut. Kami boleh cuba dapatkan maksimum loan bagi saudari jika berminat.

  50. wan says:

    salam. boleh email quatation vios baru tu. kalau nk trade in myvi se 2009 2nd boleh x nk amil vios baru. mcm mn prosedurnya.


    Saya kakitangan swasta saya pakai Myvi tahun 2007.baki lagi dua tahun lagi. saya cadang nak tukar pada vios 2013 boleh dapat fullloan tak.

    • admin says:

      Wasalam, kami dah emailkan quotation bagi model Toyota Vios yang terbaru. Sila hubungi kami utk menguruskan trade in tersebut.

  52. Rfna says:

    vios baru ni perlukan downpayment ke? kalau 0 downpayment boleh ke? Gaji 3k.

  53. june says:

    got any promotions on November 2013?n how many colour ?

  54. yus says:

    Saya ada kancil 850cc(M) dah abis bayar,boleh ke trade in?
    untuk vios ni pula,kalau full loan kena bayar berapa ya?

    • admin says:

      Boleh trade in dan kami dah emailkan quotation. Jika berminat nak trade in, boleh set appointment dengan used car dealer kami.

  55. hanafi says:

    Boleh email quotation tuk model g…

  56. kud says:

    Kalu tmph vios skrg bipa blh dpt.tq

  57. samsiah says:

    Hi, plz give a quotation for new model vios 2013 for Manual. And please let me know your branches location. I want to test drive first.

  58. badrul says:

    boleh email quotation Untuk kereta vios 2013. Bank mana yang interest paling rendah??

  59. badrul says:

    boleh email quotation Untuk kereta vios. 2013 Bank mana yang interest paling rendah.

  60. Menyee says:

    Sir, . Kalao saya beli vios 2013 dalam bulan ini, bila saya boleh dapat?

  61. Khairul says:

    Hi Admin. boleh emailkan quotation untuk vios 2013. Untuk Year End nie ader special promotion dari toyota?

    • admin says:

      Hi Khairul, discount masih belum diberikan pada bulan November. Sila check email dan hubungi kami jika you ada sebarang soalan.

  62. kelvin says:

    Hi, I have got year 2004 proton gen-2. What is the estimated trade-in value?

    Please give a quotation for vios 2013 type G.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kelvin, please contact us at 019-3559448 to discuss on the trade in value. Please also check your email for the latest Toyota Vios price quotation.

  63. Nurul Hidayah says:


    I need a quotation price for Honda city and vios, monthly installment offers and specs.

  64. zaid says:

    hi…sy ade myvi tahun 2011..manual..balance loan lg 5 tahun..boleh x trade in vios model baru auto..basic 2500..bersih gaji dalam 900…ade elaun biasenye average 300-400…boleh email sy x…

  65. tulai says:

    hi.. saya macam berminat vios trd . tapi gaji skrang tggal 1.9k slepas tolak personal loan .. kalau bayar d/p 10k masih kena penjamin lagi?

  66. tunteja says: nak trade in viva elite(2009) ke avanza 1.3 (M) , slightly dah bayar 4 tahun.. boleh emel quotation macam mane ye?

  67. mat says:

    Hi.. boleh sy dptkan quotation untuk toyota corrola altis yg baru.. nak trade in proton persona.. loan baki lagi 5 tahun

  68. T.K says:

    Could you send to me the quotation for Toyota J, G and TRD? TQ

  69. suetiey says:

    Salam..gaji saya nett per month basically rm2700.. I’m into toyota vios trd..layak ke? Document apa yg ptt sy submit to get loan? How much down payment should I pay? Pls assist…thanks

    • admin says:

      Wasalam, yes you are eligible. Please check your email for detailed information. Down payment of 10% is highly recommended.

  70. Wong says:

    Could you please give me a quotation for toyota vios j auto and What is the salary range that qualify to get a loan?

  71. hanif says:

    hi, im a fresh graduated, kerja swasta basic 3.5k..berminat dgn honda & toyota
    jazz,city,vios..boleh buat zero downpayment??

  72. hanif says:

    if there any jazz,city, vios can be zero downpayment.i’m interested..serioustalk

  73. diany says:

    nk tnye bole x if i nk trade in kereta gen2 1.6 2007 dgn vios j..
    settlemnt about rm17650
    juz need opinion

    • admin says:

      Please contact us to find out the latest trade in price for your current Gen2 and please check your email for Vios quotation.

  74. mohammad says: i qualify for 0 dwnpyment with net salary 2500?interested to buy toyota vios or honda city..can i buy under the graduate scheme?and how much the monthly pymnt for both?

    • admin says:

      Wasalam, Yes you are eligible for the 0% down payment package. Please note that only Toyota Vios is available at this moment and please check your email for more info.

  75. Rasyaik Murad says:

    Hi. I would like to trade in perodua myvi SE 2008. Plus, can u give me quotation for vios 2013 1.5g. And can i choose my own bank for finance?

    • admin says:

      Hi Rasyaik, we do accept trade in and you can choose which bank that you want your car to be financed with. Please check your email for the latest quotation.

  76. shah72 says:

    Hi, saya nak trade-in kereta GEN 2 1.6 Manual year 2005 dengan toyota vios J model 2013. Berapa RM bulanan saya akan bayar? Berapa harga yang saya dapat untuk trade-in kereta GEN 2?

  77. DeCola says:

    Hi, I’m interested with Toyota Vios. Could you provide me the quotation whereby my net salary is about 2.4k. Perhaps it come with 0% or the minimum downpayment.

  78. zul says:

    saya nak beli vios baru ni..gaji 1900..saya nak trade in wira se1.5 2004..dah abis bayar..agak2 lepas tak nak beli kereta ni dengan gaji saya..tlg hantar quatation..thank you.

  79. zami zakaria says:

    saya berminat nk tau harga vios baru model J(Auto) tuk zero downpayment, gj bersih saya sebulan is RM3000.00. Kalau nak trade in kancil 850 tahun 2006 boleh ker…tq

  80. nor zihar says:

    hai..saya nak beli kereta vios auto baru..gaji bersih rm 1800…bayar deposit rm 5,000.

    saya kena guna penjamin ke?? boleh bg quote..

  81. rossa says:

    I nak jual myvi se tahun 2008.balance kereta dlm 9000 je lg. Nk ambk vios TRD.Gaji pokok 33…

  82. mohd fariz says:

    quotation utk alza in toyota vios 2010

  83. Falyn says:


    I wanna trade in my savvy AMT 2010 and buy brand new vios.
    Can you help me w this? And email me the quotation. Thanks

  84. Falyn says:

    Forgot to mention my basic salary is 3k++ thanks

  85. erna says:

    Hello..i berminat nak beli vios 2013..i ada perniagaan yang berdaftar dgn SSM..pendapatan bulanan 3k keatas & the latest income for January 2014 8k..i ada rumah & kereta atas nama i..boleh tak kalau i nak beli lagi sebuah kereta husband salary RM3500 per month..tak boleh nak guna nama husband sebab dia tak ada lesen memandu..

  86. Ain says:

    Basic salary 6.5k.. Sy nk full loan vios G dan ikat 5 taun.. Bank mane yg leh dpt low interest n berapa monthly?

  87. Diana Danis says:

    Hi sye diana,nk tnye sye bkrja sndri,brniaga nk bli krta vios tpi xde pnjamin dan lsen mmandu cm mne ye?hrp rply..tq.

  88. syah says:

    gji bersih rm2341…. berminat dgn vios j 2013(at)… bjet d/p rm15k… berape monthly payment utk 9taun pnjaman?

  89. ridwani says: guru yg baru bkerja,sy brminat dgn vios 1.5e,layak ke sy bt full loan?

  90. nadia says:

    Saya berminat utk beli Vios baru type J (auto)..boleh emailkan quotation if nak buat pinjaman 100% for 7@9 years? Pendapatan bersih sy dalam RM3500.00. Terima kasih.

  91. fifi says:

    Sy nk trade in viva 2010 current balance dlm 24k. Sy minat vios type E. Gaji bersih dlm 3.1k. Boleh emailkn quotation if sy nk buat full loan 7years/5years. Tq

  92. amran says:

    Hi, berapa dapat diskaun untuk vios.. Tq.

  93. ogy says:

    sy b’minat nak beli kereta vios baru tp basic salary sy rm1760 n saya ade dapat travelling allowance tambahan every klu total dalam rm2500..n now sy nk tau samada sy layak or x..

  94. shah amyyra says:

    Hi…gaji bersih rm2500.. Layak ke utk beli vios dgn 0 d/p? Pls emailkn quotation toyota vios.

  95. Rose says:

    hi, nak tnye, gaji sya bersih rm1900, tp sya ada buat biz income more than 1.5k sebulan..layak ke saya nk apply vios 0 downpayment? blh quote price x?

  96. Harris Jalil says:

    Hi. Gaji saya basic is around 4.2k… Saya berminat nak beli vios… Kalau boleh dengan 0 down payment. Agaknya ada suggestion tak? Terima kasih

  97. Sayuti says:

    Hi,kalau sya trade in kereta honda accord 2.0 (2008) auto..berapa market price.? and sya beli vios baru.boleh?
    Tq.plz send quotation.

  98. Aini says:

    Sir , kalau basic around 1.1k dengan penjamin boleh ke apply full loan utk vios 2011 -2013 ??

  99. mie says:

    hye, sy ade viva 850 tahun 2008.. htg belom hbs lg.. ade dlm 3 thun lgik.. so sy ingt nk trade in to vios ( A ).. n then basic gj sy rm2153… mcmmane??

  100. hafiz says:

    hy there,
    can u email me the quotation for vios trd and rush 1.5s with 0 downpayment? tq

  101. Fadzlee says:

    Hi there,
    Gaji bersih sy dalam RM 2800.00, n klu nak amik spec vios J yang 1.5 auto then downpayment dalam 5k…agak2 boleh tak…pm quotition…

  102. erol says:

    sy kerja swasta gaji bersih 1800 . sy berminat dgn kereta vios , apa syarat-syarat yg perlu sy buat?

  103. Aini says:

    boleh send quotation vios 1.5g / 1.5e?? minat ambk dlam masa terdekat . tp basic bersih hnya 1.1k sahaja ada penjamin .. so boleh je saya apply loan utk vios 2011 ?? mcm mana saya nak contact

  104. Chai says:

    Hi.. Sy plan nak trade in myvi 1.3 ezi model lagi best tahun 2011 to vios 1.5G. current loan balance dlm 27k lg.. boleh x amount yg sy trade in myvi dpt cover downpayment vios? n perlu ada penjamin x? basic sy 2k++

  105. boss says:

    Hye sy bminat dgn vios j auto.. gaji bersih rm2800k..n nak buat 0 downpayment…layak ke x? Pm quotation

  106. eliya says:

    Hi, sy ada myvi 1.3 at 2009, bulanan 595 for 9years.nak trade in for vios j at.gaji basic 2600, work at private.husband basic 2200 gov servant.boleh dapatkan quotation if sy nak buat loan 9years.

  107. hafizd says:

    Hi..saya ada myvi se 2009 manual nk trade in dgn vios j auto @ city s+..basic 2180 + fixed ot= 2.8k..wife sy gov staff..PM quotation utk vios n city.

  108. jugra says:

    salam, saya kerja di private sector dgn gaji kasar sebanyak rm3200, kalo saya ingin buat bayaran selama 9 tahun dan kurang dari rm750/month. berapa d/p yang perlu saya bayar. Dn kalo 0 d/p payemnt pula brp saya perlu baya bulan2?

  109. beli toyota says:

    Hi, i feel that i saw you visited my website thus
    i got here to go back the choose?.I’m attempting to find things to enhance my website!I guess its adequate to use a few of your concepts!!

  110. mis eina says:

    Sy,basic rm2438+insentif+public holiday.agak2 lepas x utk beli vios dan berapa dypmnt kna byr?

  111. adelyne says:

    Berapa kelayakan gaji bersih untuk ambik vios TRD? Kalau kerja gov.

  112. shak says:

    Sy berminat vios model baru…gaji bersih rm2100 +- … Bole ka?lepas ka?untk full loan 9years

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