Proton Preve R3 Bodykit

We found this ad as a good news for our Proton Preve lovers. Finally there is a bodykit available in the market that you can grab from the shelves. Proton is having promotion for their R3 accessories and check this out for more information: Proton R3 Facebook

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5 Responses to Proton Preve R3 Bodykit

  1. rohayu rose says:

    kindly send me price and details loan for proton preve with R3 concept

    • admin says:

      Hi rohayu, the preve bodykit is sold separately by Proton Edar. You need to go to their office in order to purchase this.

  2. amir6299 says:

    Rm3000-+ tu tunggu local punya la.

  3. orlan81 says:

    how and where i can order this preve r3 bodykit?

  4. newneo says:

    Kat mane nak cari benda nie???

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