Malaysia Car Loan Interest Rate 2012

Malaysia Car Loan Interest Rate 2012 (Updated on May 24, 2012):

Below are the ranges of interest rates applicable to each car brand in Semenanjung Malaysia (new model). These rates are listed based on the rates offered by our bank panels to our previous clients. Our bank panels include RHB, CIMB, AmBank, Bank Islam, MayBank, Hong Leong Bank, and Public Bank. The interest rate may vary depending on the amount of loan, loan period, applicant’s financial records, nett salary as well as the car model.

Car Brand Car Loan Interest Rates
Honda 2.38%-2.5%
Toyota 2.38%-2.5%
Nissan 2.4%-2.55%
Naza Kia 2.40%-2.55%
Hyundai 2.40%-2.55%
Mazda 2.40%-2.55%
Proton 2.80%-2.95% (2.68% lowest for Preve)
Perodua 2.80%-2.95%

For those who are planning to get a full loan under graduate scheme, the current interest rate offered is 3.1%. However, we were told that the interest rate is likely to go down to 2.88% for local cars and 2.68% for non-local cars. These rates may be inforced early next month and don’t worry about these changes. Let’s say you are planning to submit your loan application this week, and the rate suddenly change, we can appeal the low interest rates for you without any hassles. Should you have any question, give us a call at our main number, 019-3559448.

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483 Responses to Malaysia Car Loan Interest Rate 2012

  1. wanis ahmad says:

    hi, i want to know what interest rate for suzuki swift?

    • admin says:

      Should be roughly the same as nissan

      • joe says:

        Hi Admin, i had renting a house here in JB. btw i wanted to buy a car here at least RM25k below. am i be able to take a loan without a guarantor? My salary Sing dollar 2500. if yes, how am i go about?. im interested in Kia caren. thank you

      • joe says:

        btw im non malaysian. thanks

  2. Dorothy says:

    Hi! I’m a freelancer, and I do not hv EPF and income tax. But, I hv FD and saving accounts in Maybank. In this case, is it possible for me to apply a car loan to buy Honda City or Ford Fiesta Hatchback? Able to pay 30% down payment, wht is the interest percentage of the loan? Thanks alot.

    • admin says:

      Hi Dorothy, we have replied your comment on the other post. Basically all you need to provide is the copy of your IC, license, SSM, bank statements (3 months).

  3. akim says:

    what is the lowest interest for proton inspira? 2.80 only?

    • admin says:

      We can try to get it lower but we need to know your financial conditions. Bank is very strict on that and we can submit your documents to 4-5 different banks. Then we will choose which bank that would offer you the lowest interest rate. Let us know if you are interested to use our services.

  4. liz says:

    I’m interested to buy myvi- the older version, is it still available anywhere, I mean any dealer in my I not used one…..

  5. FARID says:

    Hi, i want to know the interest rate for Proton Preve if I just pay 5% for downpayment…? TQ…

    • admin says:

      HI Farid, the interest should be roughly around 2.8-3.0%. Please check your email as we have sent the quotation. Thanks!

  6. Joseph says:

    Hi! May I know the interest rate if I pay downpayment around 17% for a new myvi 1.3 EZ? Repayment tenure 9 yrs.

    • admin says:

      The interest rate should be roughly around 2.88% or lower depending on your eligibility. The lowest rate for Myvi we have had for our client last week was 2.78%.

  7. mohd says:

    can send me quotation if i would like to give dw around 12k for preve…or i would like to pay around rm 700++ for 8 much dw

  8. dina says:

    Hi there..

    Can u pls quote for me the lowest possible rate for mazda 8? currently i already submit my docs tu maybank n the interest rate is it the best? any better (lower rate) offered by other institutions? i’m all for islamic loan btw n the maybank ppl said that the loan will not cover the insurance. if i go thru u, what is the charges that i have to pay u? thank u.

    • admin says:

      Hi dina, we have sent you the details to your gmail. Let us know if you are interested to deal with our Mazda dealer. Thanks!

  9. nurul says:

    i interested to buy used honda civic 2.0 year 2010…price around 115k..i able to pay 20% as downpayment…may i know which bank can give lowest rate for loan?

  10. Yong Soon Jiun says:

    Hi, planning to get a Myvi SE1.5. May I know what is the best interest rate and by which bank/institution?

    • admin says:

      Hi yong soon, sorry for the late response. The interest rate should be roughly around 2.85% and it is offered by most of the bank. If you are interested to purchase this model, kindly call us for more information.

  11. Shah says:

    hi! really appreciate for all the useful infos n services!! i’m interested in suzuki alto 1.0 auto. what’s the interest rate? do dealer in kajang link with bank islam? because i’ve done with b.islam, and there’s a branch near my house, so would be in very convenient, since i’m gonna pay for next 5 years.. many thanx in advance!!

    • admin says:

      Salam Shah! We are sorry to inform you that we don’t have any Suzuki dealer at the moment. It would be better if you can directly go to the showroom and get more information from the dealer. Thanks!

  12. Shaz says:

    What is the loan interest (for 9 years) for Inspira 2.0 Premium? Which bank is the best to apply?

    • admin says:

      Hi, the lowest we have had is around 2.78% but it depends on your eligibility. If you want, we can apply to 3-4 different banks and compare the interest rate given by each bank. Then you can choose which bank that gives you better interest rate. Do give us a call at 019-3559448.

  13. aw ming soon says:

    hai, i bought a proton saga fl 1.3 on april 2011 with maybank auto finance but the interest is 4.3 . if i do refinance can the interst be reduce or it will just be the same ? thank you .

  14. baobao says:

    Hi,i’m under 21years old..i’m freelance and no salary statement&EPF..income rm1500,am I able to get a viva elite without guarantor?tq

    • admin says:

      You need a guarantor as your basic salary does not meet the minimum requirement and your age and working status. If you have a guarantor, feel free to contact us. Thanks again!

  15. aju says:

    I bought myvi se in 2007 for 9 years. balance in 4 i able to refinance to reduce the year and to pay more at all this month.will i loss?

  16. Kent Yap says:

    Hi there, would like to enquire what’s the best car loan interest rates i can get from you for Nissan Grand Livina 1.8A. I plan to borrow RM30,000 for 4 years. Hope to hear from you asap. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kent yap, we can submit your application to 3-4 different banks then only we can find out the rate charged. Our estimation is 2.3-2.45% depending on your eligibility. Give me a call at 019-3559448 if you would like to deal with our Nissan Authorized Dealer. Thanks Kent.

  17. alicia says:

    How about used car interest rate?

  18. warlead says:

    interest rate for second avanza second savvy n second kelisa? Which bank the lowest? Tq

  19. Dex says:

    I want to buy Preve but banks looking for guarantor as i am foreigner. any other choice ?

  20. Akis says:

    Hi there..
    I’m planning to buy Honda City S, I’m able to pay 30 – 35k for down payment. Which bank that can give the lower interest.
    What kind of doc that I need to prepare.


    • admin says:

      Salam, We have emailed you the quotation. The interest should depend on your eligibility. We can submit your application to 2-3 different banks and we can compare which bank that would offer you lower interest.

  21. Thiagu says:


    I’m planning to buy Hyundai car(Year 20009), Car price 51K, i’m want to take loan for 35K. I’m working in a company for 2 years but as contract staff. My salary 3.1K per month. Please help to advise.


    • admin says:

      Hi, we don’t offer any loan service and it may be best to speak to any bank officer. They would be the best person to refer to on this matter.

  22. John W says:

    Looking for a loan for a 5year old used Toyota Estima costing approx 120k, with a loan of 100k.

    I have a/c with CIMB but I hear they require a guarantor. I have good expat salary and do not need a guarantor.

  23. M says:

    Hi..i’m a University student and would like to buy a second hand car(proton wira)…i would want to apply for rm15000 loan…how can i do this?

  24. elle says:

    May I know how much is the rate for Peugeot car?

  25. Azhar says:


    I’m planning to buy Honda Jazz vtec year 2005. Can i know what is the best interest rate for a 2nd hand car with downpayment 15k and loan around 40k. TQ.

  26. chong says:

    Do you have second hand car rate?

  27. Ms V says:

    I would like to ask… If i am studying in college, no income then my family would like to give me a sum of money to buy car.. Would i be charged on income tax..?? ( FROM Kota Kinabalu)

    2) If i am studying and have a guaranteer, can i have loan for car?? For only a month??? I wanted to take Viva Elite Ezi… I am 19 years old

  28. CK Lim says:

    I’m working as a designer for a signboard company and my salary is RM2200 per month plus RM150++ allowance. And now I’m planning to buy a used Proton Gen 2 price around RM20,000.00-RM25,000.00 but I never get EPF from this company, is it possible for me to apply a car loan from bank? (I work at this company for almost 1 year)

  29. edy says:

    Hye, i would like to enquire. I’m interested with the offer from these one used car company. Vios G Spec year 2009. The price listed is RM67900.
    The question is, what is the interest rates for used car, ammount of salary required, and monthly installment with 15000 downpayment?

    Please help. tq.

  30. LOTTER says:

    i interested to buy used MITSUBISHI AIRTREK YEAR 2003…price around muchi able to pay as downpayment…may i know which bank can give lowest rate for loan?


  31. Ms.Lim says:

    Hi,can I know Hyundai i10 full loan 9 years,how many of the interest?

  32. 308 says:

    I am interested to buy Peugeot 308 VTI with loan amount of RM87K, 6 yrs tenure. What is the best rate that I can get?

    • admin says:

      The interest will be around 2.3-2.4% depending on your eligibility. Probably can get lower depending on your financial record and the bank you choose. As for Peugeot, we don’t really advertise the info on our blog but we do have customers buying from us. Some pictures can be seen at

  33. suzuki fan says:

    Booking brand new suzuki sx4. What is the interest rate for this car

  34. Vergo says:

    Hi there, appreciate if you could provide interest rate for Peugeot.

    I’m kinda attracted with the latest 207 Sedan

    • admin says:

      Hi there, what’s the amount of down payment you are willing to do? We are offering great cash rebate and we do have ready stock for most of the colors.

  35. suzuki fan says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have not booked the Suzuki SX4 yet but intending to do so soon. Taking the brand new car year 2011 model. Taking 90% loan and for 9 years, loan amount 74K. What is the best interest rate and which bank would be the preferred one?

    • admin says:

      Hi there, you can purchase from us if you are interested. The interest should be ranging from 2.3-2.4+% depending on your eligibility and bank’s approval. We’d suggest you to get RHB Bank.

  36. Ally says:

    Hi! i just get a new job, RM2,000 salary per month. i would like to buy a 2nd hand car, i had offer letter from company. the car is 2 years car. izit possible i can apply for full loan? thanks

    • admin says:

      Depends on the market value and the price of the car. Why don’t you get a new car instead? The interest rate is much lower.

    • Ally says:

      thanks for your reply. may i know what is current interest rate for new myvi 1.3 EZi PREMIUM (AUTO)for apply full loan (graduates scheme) from maybank? and what document need for the application. thanks again..

  37. Wan Muizz says:

    I am planning to purchase my first car, a Proton Saga FLX Executive which is currently priced at RM49913. Assuming I will be able to pay RM5000 for the downpayment, what kind of monthly installment am I looking at? I just started working with a University College with a monthly salary of rm2300 for 5 months now, will I be eligible to apply for a loan? Your assistance is much appreciated.

    • admin says:

      Hi there, we have quote you the price. Let us know if you need any help. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  38. syamyra says:

    I’m interested to have Saga FLX Executive 1.3 Auto… My basic salary is RM1220 only… Is it possible for me to apply full loan (graduate scheme)? What document I need to prepare?

  39. Alvin Heng says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase BMW Z4 recon. Price around 240k
    What is the interest rate right now?
    Thank You.

  40. jenny teoh says:

    hi, i’m interest with Ford Fiesta 1.6.
    May i know the price and interest rate now? i able pay RM25k for down payment.
    i only able to pay RM800 per month, any other import car except vios that you can recommend to me? thanks

    • admin says:

      The choices you have is ford fiesta, mazda 2, honda city, toyota vios, naza forte. The best option we can think of is honda city and the resell value for this model is the best among all of these 5 options.

  41. Saifulidzuan says:

    May I know interest rate for hong leong bank rate.

  42. Khairina says: interested in Toyota Vios (E)…if i want to apply under graduate scheme, what will be the current interest rate? and if i want to apply full loan for 9 years what will the interest rate be?Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks.

  43. bryan says:

    Dear my best car dealer admin,

    If my income per month is 1.5k ringgit, let’s said the I pay nearly ten percent for a 65k’s vios(have guarantor) is it possible that I having it? And which bank’ll you suggest me easier get the loan with them (my debit’s statement still have 2.5k)? How much the second hand car loan in Malaysia actually (local car and import car). please reply ASAP thanks..

    • admin says:

      Hi bryan, if your net income is less than RM 1,500, you need to get a guarantor. The max loan you can do is around RM 40k-45k only.

  44. monaira Bairan says:


    Im permanent resident status and working with the private company but all the essential document i have for loan. Do i eligible for applying car loan with using PR ?

    • admin says:

      If you’ve got your PR and have all of the documents, it should be fine. Please contact us at 019-3559448 for more information.

  45. Nissan fan says:

    I like to purchase Nissan Serena HStar. loan 125K for 7 or 9 years. What is the best interest rate ? and which bank admin suggest…..TQ

    • admin says:

      Hi there, the interest rate is really depends on the amount of loan. The rate for your case should be roughly around 2.3-2.4%.

  46. Ahhui says:

    Hi , i found a 2009 bmw 335i coupe used . And looking for the lowest interest rate . May i know which bank has the lowest interest as i dont have time to survey . Loan period – 3 yrs . Loan amount 180-200k . Please let me know thank you .

  47. Hilmi says:

    Hi there, what is the lowest loan rate for pug 508 at the moment? Let say the amount of loan is 100k for 7 0r 9 years.

    • admin says:

      Hi there, rate would be around 2.3-2.4% depending on your eligibility. Kindly give us a call at 019-3559448 if you are interested to purchase the model from our authorized Peugeot dealer. Thanks!

  48. diana says:

    what does the bank consideration in getting a low interest for customer car’s loan. can u help me?

    • admin says:

      They would be looking at your net pay, company you are working with and the period you have been working. Please let us know if you are interested as we can help negotiate with our bank panels.

  49. adeline says:

    I nd to get the best interest rate for RM30k for used car for 7 yrs. Which bank would u recommend. I heard that the latest ruling from Bank Negara is to see point system & I was told I had to pay 4.5%. Don u think it’s very high??

  50. wanewa says:

    boleh dapatkn quotation for MYVI 1.5 SE AUTO GPS..under graduate scheme..

    Thank you

  51. izza says:

    I’m planning to buy MYVI ezi auto.I want to pay 10% downpayment for nine years…Can you give me a quotation MYVI EZI 1.3 Auto…

  52. Jesvinder Singh says:

    Hi. I’m in the process of buying a new Toyota Avanza 1.5S with 90% loan.

    Which bank offers the cheapest interest and what is the rate?

    My sales representative suggested Maybank which is about 2.48%.

    Kindly advice. Thank you so much in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hi there, it should be around that. The lowest could be around 2.3+% depending on your eligibility. We can try to get the rate if you would like to use our service. Thanks!

  53. Kiren says:

    Hi – I am planning to buy a 6 month old Proton Persona. What bank has the best rate for used car and what’s the interest rate at the moment?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kiren, the interest rate for used car is 3.8-4.0%. Sometime, if the price is sold at a high price, it is always better to buy a new Persona. You can use our online calculator to see the difference.

    • Kiren says:

      Hi – I am getting a really good deal so am going for it. RHBIslamic is offering 3.6% which is great for a used car

  54. Nas says:

    I intend to buy second hand car honda jazz but after reading your comment, i think i need to think about it again. I’m graduated and have 2.5k monthly income. Can you give me quotation for new honda jazz with minimum downpayment? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Nas, are you planning to get the hybrid version or the normal one? Kindly specify the down payment, but the minimum is 0% under the graduate scheme. You can always give us a call if you need further assistance.

  55. Ein Azlina says: interested in Ford Fiesta Sport 1.6…and my basic is 2k++ if i want to apply under graduate scheme, what will be the current interest rate? and if i want put 10% dawn payment for 9 years, how much i need to pay per month? Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Ein, at the moment, our ford dealer is unavailable. The interest rate could be ranging from 2.4-2.5% depending on your eligibility.

  56. Jasman says:

    What’s the lowest Islamic loan rate for Toyota Ipsum 2.4 Unregistered (new) 2007?

  57. farra says:

    Salam.. I would love to buy new honda city grade s if am not mistaken. The one with full spec.
    I made online boutique for more than 3 yrs and its all register with ssm. I was about to know is dat possible if i used the western union as support document because my customer mainly from overseas. and i also have maybank acc which i used to make loan for saga. I was about to find some one who can continue pay my saga also well i hope admin can email me about my question. Tq :)

  58. sathis says:

    Hi.. I’m 22yrs.. I’m having pay slip and
    Epf documents.. months income rm2100++.. I want to apply Loan for viva second hand rm19000.. do am I need guarantor??

  59. Ally says:

    Hi! can you email me quotation for Myvi 1.5 SE (A), price RM 56000 under graduate scheme? which bank you may recommend and what is the interest rate? thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Ally, we have sent you the quotation. You can apply through bank Islam and let us know if you would like to purchase from us. Thanks!

  60. jack says:

    i want to by used suzuki swift…what is the lowest interest rate possible???

  61. Mat says:

    Hi, i want to buy a used honda city. Total loan will be about 64k. Which bank will offer the lowest interest rate? I have no commitment.

  62. Mia says:

    hello, i am foreigner. Can I pay the installment for the car?
    Can you give me more detail about it.
    Email me plz

    • admin says:

      Hi Mia, yes you can but you have to pay at least 30% down payment and do maximum of 5 years loan tenure. Thanks!

      • bright tusasiirwe hamza says:

        asalam aleikum. i am a foreign student i would love to get a loan to buy a car please give me all necessary information thank you.

  63. Leong says:

    Hi, I want to buy myvi ezi 1.5…but i just start working(that’s mean i dont have 3 month payslip yet), and not able to pay for down payment.
    So in this case, will i still able to get full loan from any bank?
    my salary is 1650 + OT

    • admin says:

      Hi Leong, based on your status, it should be fine. You need to work at least a day to be eligible for the loan under this scheme. Kindly let us know if you are interested.

    • Leong says:

      Hi, so what kind of document i should prepare in order to apply for the loan? and do i need a grantor to get the loan?

    • admin says:

      Kindly provide the following documents:

      Copy of IC
      Copy of License
      Copy of Bank Statements (3 months)
      Copy of Pay Slips (3 months)
      Copy of Degree/diploma slip

      You may not need a guarantor. Please set an appointment with us at 019-3559448. Thanks!

  64. din says:

    I’m interested to have mazda 2… My basic salary is RM2300… Is it possible for me to apply full loan (graduate scheme)? if i want to pay 650 monthly,how much down payment?let say 8k,its need to provide a guarantor? Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Din, if you have a money to pay the down payment, we would suggest you to do so. At least, you can save money on the interest charged. If you would like to purchase this model, kindly provide us your phone number so that our Mazda dealer can liase with you. Our number is 019-3559448

  65. ronn says:

    Hi there,is there anything i can do to lower down my monthly payment of my existing car loan. I saw your previous reply that individuals cannot refinance their own car loan. Any recommendation?

  66. din says:

    thank for your reply and advise.

    i have a money to pay the down payment but from my calculation by pay the down payment its different around 4k compare using graduate scheme. if i put the down payment, what the best rate you can give and what islamic bank that you can advise for me..?where the location of your mazda dealer?its at shah alam?
    and may i get the quotation? please email me..thank you.

  67. Leon says:

    If I want buy a second hand car that worth RM80.000,how much I can loan from the bank and how many year I can get?
    The register year is 2007.

  68. Joseph says:

    Good day. Interested to get a new ford focus. Monthly salary 4.5k+. Hw much would the interest rate be? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi there, roughly around 2.3-2.5% depending on your eligibility and the bank. If you would like to purchase from our daeler, kindly email us your contact number or call us directly at 019-3559448.

  69. Weij99 says:

    Hi, if I am buying a $130k 04 manufactured, 08 registered BMW z4, may I know what’s the max loan I can take and can I loan for 9 years?


  70. putri78 says:

    Hi, I’m interested to buy second hand proton satria 1.5A, price Rm15,800.
    My basic salary RM1,550. Is it possible for me to apply full loan?
    Thank you.

  71. Angie says:

    Hi, I’m graduated on august, 2010, am i eligible to apply the scheme? Becoz I’m hardly to get guarantor..My salary only rm1300
    I wanted to buy a used car cost about rm38800, would like to downpayment about 8k…
    Is there any way for me to apply it?

    Thank you

  72. Blazt says:

    I would like to buy toyota Vios.. what is the lowest interst that i could get.. My basic salary is 2.5k.. and i am able to pay up to 4k for downpayment. Can yu suggest me the best price i could get..Thanks….

    • admin says:

      Hi Blazt, which model are you referring to? A new promotion details will be released in the first week of October, kindly bookmark our blog so that you won’t miss out the details. Thanks!

  73. Jc says:


    I’m 24 year old and working in a MNC.

    I’m interested with Proton Saga FLX 1.6 or Proton Persona H Line.

    My net salary is RM 2,500 and able to make RM7,000 for downpayment.
    (I think this amount is more than 10% of the car’s price)

    Can i know what is the rate for these car loan?

  74. Pui says:

    i want to buy the 2nd hand 2009 car cost around 68k. Is it possible for me to use full loan under graduate scheme,

  75. Wani says:

    Hi Admin,

    Need advice.
    I’m 25 now and planning to buy myvi ezi auto premium also already submit application to public bank to get loan but the bank need guarantor which I hardly to get one.
    Can you suggest which car (auto) and bank I should apply w/o guarantor?
    Fyi, my net salary is RM1,400.

  76. zulfakar says:

    Which bank can give the lowest rate for used car CRV 2.0 year 2008, amount loan RM 10000.00 for 9 years.?

  77. Benny Low says:

    hi, can i know the current interest ? if i am going to purchase a Myvi and able to put down payment 20 – 30 %.

    • admin says:

      Hi Benny, which model are you planning to get? Usually, the interest rate won’t change that much for Perodua. The rate is from 2.8-2.9% depending on your eligibility. Please call us at 019-3559448 if you are interested to use our services. Thanks!

  78. Mohd rajali says:

    i have a car Grand Livina 1.8 liter Tuned by Impul. I bought it 2010 at price 108,000.00. down payment rm22500 and monthly installment RM1024. Now, i plan to trade in this car because i want to have only RM700 for monthly installment. Can you suggest me what car can replace my livina? Please suggest me for both local n import car. TQ

    • admin says:

      It depends on the down payment. Toyota Vios J is good enough. It really saves you a lot on the fuel and maintenance cost.

  79. Moh kiew Fong says:

    Hi I am interested to get a second hand Toyota avanza 06 or 05 model , currently driving proton iswara. Down payment may be around 20%. Do u know of the loan interest rate for 5 years borrowing ? Thanks

  80. Lynne says:

    Hai, I am interested in buying new myvi ezi auto (1.3) or SE 1.5. I want to know which one bank will give lower interest rate? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi there, for local cars, most banks are offering the same rate. It should be around 2.8-2.9%. We have sent you the quotation for your reference. Thanks!

  81. joe says:

    hello there,, can you quote for me for the best interest rate for 2ndhand car bmw e46 2003/2008…need ii asap..thank you!!

  82. nurulhuda says:

    i wnt to know rate of viva 850

  83. Thomas says:

    May I know what’s the lowest loan rate for 2nd hand BMW z4?

  84. Asad says:

    Hello, im a foreigner having bank transaction 5/10,000 rm monthly and good bank statement. I can pay 30-40 percent downpayment and also loan duration within 5 years. Can i get loan? If yes than which bank and who should i contact or consult. (i dont want to pay monthly rental cars anymore! )

  85. Carlito says:

    I am fairly new in KL and I am thinking of buying a brand-new Toyota Hilux 3.0 or Mitsubishi Triton VGT 2.5. Both are within the range of MYR 103K – 110K. I can provide MYR 40K as downpayment. What is the best interest rate I can get for Mitsubishi (not provided in your list). There is a lot of talk about guarantor. Will this be a problem for me? I am an expat, work for a MNC, get a good expat package and have recently been transferred to KL. I have a UAE and Indian driving license. Yet to apply for a Malaysian license.

  86. Apeez Latib says:

    Hi,i bought myvi at sept 2010 and interest rate during that time is 4.35%.based on your list above interest rate for perodua is between 2.8-2.95%.can i change my car loan to get this interest rate?need your answer/solution as soon as possible.

  87. Ctrawberry says:

    Please suggest me what is the best car i can get base on my criteria below:
    1. Cost no more than 70k, i’m able to pay down payment of 10%
    2. Maintenance fee is not killing
    3. Best if can pay loan lesser than RM700 per month for 9 years.
    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi there, kindly check your email for more info. You may not have a lot of options, but kindly let us know if you are interested. Thanks!

  88. Yee says:


    I am interested to purchase a second hand Toyota Vios and would like to loan for RM 44K. Could you please advise me which bank offer the best rate?

    Thanks & best regards,

  89. Don says:

    do you offer car loan for expatriates? 6k basic salary plus allowance, filipino working in MY for 2 years now, interested in proton preve or persona, tq.

  90. Suzan Abdullah says:

    interest for mywi extreme at AM Bank

    • admin says:

      Most of the time Ambank would offer higher interest rate. It would be around 2.9-3.0%. Other bank could offer below than the rates.

  91. TCY says:

    hi. i’m actively looking for a 2nd hand toyota camry 2.0G, min year 2010. i might borrow around RM100K. can you guide me on the bank loan interest rates that i might be getting? thank you.

  92. Safwan says:

    Can you send me quotation for Myvi Auto and Viva Auto under graduate scheme?

  93. kho87 says:

    im 25 years old, my basic+allowance is RM2500,i have EPF,is possible for me to loan a brand new import car around RM80,000 with full loan\with 10% down payment?please reply me soon….

    • admin says:

      Yes sir, you are able to apply the specified amount with your basic salary. It is advisable to pay 10% down payment to increase the chance of getting the approval. Please call us if you would like to purchase from our dealer. Thanks!

  94. Se says:

    Hi, I have decided to purchase a second hand Latio sport hatchback and would like to loan ard 50k. Could you please advise me which bank offer the best rate?
    You may reply thru my email add.. Thks & Rdgs, Se

  95. WL says:

    Hi, I decide to purchase a new Proton Saga FLX Executive 1.6 and mu downpayment will be 20k. Could you please advise me which bank offer the best interest rate?
    You may reply to my email. thanks

  96. faizol says:

    i want to make loan for 2nd hand car around to apply??

  97. Hapipin says:

    Hi, I’m planning to buy a new 2012 Ford Focus. OTR price is 128,888.00.Downpayment RM45k. What is the best interest rate that I can get?

    • admin says:

      You can get around 2.3-2.4% most likely. Please call us at 019-3559448 if you would like to purchase from our Ford Authorized Dealer. Thanks!

  98. confused says:

    Hello admin, just nak clarify.

    My basic RM2000 + allowance RM500-RM1k . Working 8 months at MNC company and permanent job. I would like to buy 2nd hand car ranging around 20k – 40k. Im 24y/o and single and no commmitment or any other loan. Will the bank approve my loan for 20-40k with 10% DP. and also do i need guarantor? I heard 2nd hand car need guarantor. Please e-mail me thx

  99. Tareef says:

    Hi . I am forigner in kl for more than 6 years … I am doing my master in Malaysia and am planning to apply for a loan to buy Naza Ria model 2005 price range 24k to 27k …is it possible to get a loan for this car while am able to pay 30 to 40 percent of the car loan? ..tnx

  100. Connie Tan says:

    Hi, may i know what is the interest rate for ford fiesta? which bank can offer the lower rate? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Connie Tan, the interest rate is subjected to change from 2.3-2.4%. Please let us know if you plan to purchase from our Ford Authorized Dealer.

  101. mohd afendy says:

    Hi,I would like to buy new ford ranger,down payment around 30%.what is the interest rate now & what should I first.

    • admin says:

      Salam, we only sell ford model based on demand. We can do everything for you and you just need to provide us the relevant documents for the loan application. The interest rate should be roughly around 2.3-2.45% depending on your eligibility. Feel free to email us your documents at

  102. Popo... says:

    Just want to know my eligibility if I want to buy a Kia Forte 1.6 SX. My salary is RM2300 and what is the lowest interest rate that I can get with d/p RM 5K only.

    • admin says:

      Hi popo, since you are paying less than 10% and your net pay is on the borderline, we would recommend you to take a loan under graduate scheme. Kindly check your email for more details. Thanks!

  103. Di says:

    Hi, I am looking for a car loan to purchase a secondhand perodua viva auto year 2009 from someone who is interested to sell the car. do you cater to this? and at what charges? or should i walk into the bank and check with the bank officer?

    • admin says:

      Hi there, we only sell new cars. It would be fine if you just walk in to the bank and ask for any bank officer who’s in charge of preparing the car loan.

  104. Vee says:

    Which bank offers the lowest rate for a Nissan Almera 1.5 (AT)priced at RM85k? I have a nett income of RM4k a month and can pay about RM15k down payment.

    • admin says:

      Hi Vee, if you would like to deal with us, you would be the first buyer to purchase Nissan Almera from us. The interest rate can be from 2.3+% depending on your eligibility. Your monthly should be around RM 950-RM 960.

  105. Yi Ying says:

    Hi,I want purchase perodua myviSE1.5 ,loan rm25,000
    what is the lowest interest rate and which bank that I can get ?
    Have any year end promotion for 2012?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yi ying, most bank would give you the almost the same rate as the amount of loan is quite low. You may expect the interest from 2.8-2.9% depending on your eligibility. Kindly check your email for the price and promotions. Thanks!

  106. Omar says:

    Hi, I’m an expat working in IT company in KL, currently I have Proton Saga 2008 in good condition, I’m interesting in proton Preve, I’d like to exchange it as a down payment for Preve, then the rest as a loan for 4 years or 5 years maximum, is it possible to get a loan without local guarantor?

    Looking forward for your feedback.

    • admin says:

      Hi Omar, what’s the outstanding balance of your current car? You can use it as the down payment and please contact us at 019-3559448 for more information on this.

  107. puad says:

    hi admin.
    which bank can offer the lowest loan for 1.0 manual kenari aerosport, year make and register 2003. price is 18,000.00 and i’m willing to pay 3K for downpayment. so the total loan i’m request is RM15,000.00 for 5 yr.

  108. Toh says:

    Hi, what is the latest interest rate for Toyota vios? I saw newspaper stated Toyota is having promotion now, RM3k rebate on down-payment and interest rate as low as 0.88% only. My net income is RM3k, thinking to take 5 or 7 years tenure (depend on interest rate offered). Please reply me asap. Thank you so much.

    • admin says:

      Yes sir, we are having this great promotion at the moment. We have emailed you the details and please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  109. veen says:

    hi admin, i went to a proton dealer earlier this morning in jb because i’m interested to get a saga flx se. ta salesman told me that for that proton model they don’t provide full loan, he suggested me take the graduate scheme. but i prefer full loan as i’m eligible for, he said the interest rate for graduate scheme is 3.8% under bank islam. isn’t that is too high? i thought for graduate scheme the interest rate suppose to be 2.98% rite? waiting for your reply. tq.

    • admin says:

      Hi there, the interest should be 2.98% and the rate the dealer mentioned was too high. Please let us know if you would like to deal with us. Kindly specify which model you are planning to purchase so that we can provide you the quotation.

  110. andy says:

    hi, i would like to know what are the documents to prepared for loan under private limited company? ty

  111. kanesh says:

    hi…i would like to buy second hand myvi car..what is the loan interest…?? im juz working with 2000 salary…is it possible for me to apply…??

    • admin says:

      Hi Kanesh, the interest rate for used car is around 3.8-4.0%. It would be much better if you could purchase a brand new car and you don’t have to worry about a high maintenance cost.

  112. winlemony says:

    how about interest for mitsubishi brand?

  113. premma says:

    Hi, i would to buy a perodua viva 1.0 auto, but i just joined work for 2 weeks but im able to pay the downpayment. So what kind of documents i need to prepare since i dont have a 3 months payslip and my salary is RM1500 ? thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Premma, the minimum net salary (not basic) is RM 1,500 and it would be much better if you have a guarantor to support your application. Please check your email for more details. Thanks!

  114. leunam says:

    Hi, i am an foreigner working in kl for 10 yrs. Permanent employee of a MNC IT Company. Salary is 5K, currently i have a Saga 2003 car and want to tradein for either a brand new Saga or second hand Myvi. Please let me know what are my options. For downpayment, max i can give is 10%.

  115. nx says:

    hi,i would like to know the latest promotion for new toyota vios . the interest rate would b how many percent for 9years ? as mention above, the interest rate as low as 0.88% only ???

    also, im interested with used VW polo too,price around there loan for 9yrs and how much the interest rate will be ?


    • admin says:

      Hi there, you can either choose to get a rebate of get the low interest for Toyota Vios. The interest rate for polo 2nd hand should be around 3.4-3.6%

  116. azhar says:

    interesting in Almera , maybe E spec
    currently own iswara 2002 1.3 aeroback , manual .

    how much the tradein price , and what is the interest rate and monthly payment for almera E spec for 7 years. Let say i am put 20k as downpayment


    • admin says:

      salam Azhar, we have emailed you the details. Please contact us to find out your trade in price for your current Proton Iswara.

  117. azhar says:

    i dont receive your email …its ok ..will get in touch later ..

  118. azima says:


    I would like to trade in my 2006 Gen2 1.6 manual for new VIVA ELITE spec auto. what is the best interest rate i can get if i want to make full loan zero downpayment) for 5 years.How much is the trade in price


    • admin says:

      Hi Azima, what’s the outstanding balance of your loan? If you would like to get 100% loan, the interest would be roughly around 3.0%.

  119. Shahidan says:


    I was planning for my first car, Ford Focus Sport + early next year. The price might be approximately RM129,000. What is the normal interest rate & which bank would be the most negotiable in terms of rate of interest? How much of downpayment is advisable if I am to pay RM1,200 per month?

    • admin says:

      Hi there, the interest rate will be roughly around 2.3-2.45%. The estimated amount of loan you should apply is RM 107k in order to get your monthly payment RM 1,200 and below. Please let us know if you would like to purchase from our Ford Dealer. Thanks!

  120. Sandy says:

    Hi, We are two expats working in Singapore (both on Employment Pass, one of us could become PR next year) and planning to rent a house in JB next year. We do not plan to go onto MM2H visa.

    Is it possible to get a car loan in Malaysia with 70% financing if you work in Singapore and live in JB?


    • admin says:

      Hi Sandy, we haven’t had any experience with this. We don’t have the exact answer for you. We can ask the bank officer if you are interested.

  121. admin says:

    Hi Sandy, you need to work in Malaysia to be eligible for the loan application. The PR is Malaysian PR is it? If you have that, you may have a chance.

  122. azlan says:

    Hi, i’m planning to buy Myvi 1.3 Standard (S) with 10% down payment. I’m working in private sector with basic salary around 2.4K per month. Can you email me the quotation?


  123. Ms Yeong says:

    what is the second hand value for Honda Accord 2.0L I-Vtec (A)- registed & manufacturing in year 2011. Your soonest respond will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  124. Ms Yeong says:

    Can you email me a quotation?

  125. Apple says:

    may i know if i buy a new car do i need to pay downpayment?
    how much the downpayment is?

  126. nora says:

    may i know which one is eligible for bank loan? with basic salary 2k and 10% downpayment

    1) local car around 63k, let say preve with 2.68% interest

    2) import car around 73k ? 2.38-2.5% interest

    thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Nora, you can try both. It should be fine and please let us know if you would like to purchase from our Authorized Car Dealer. Our number to call is 019-3559448.

  127. Endren says:

    I have a quick question.

    I am about to purchase a car for a value of RM293K. My current gross income is 10K/month. Got a house commitment for RM1k a month, else nothing more.

    After I applied for the loan the bank called to inform that I need a guarantor.
    My question is what is the basic salary requirement for someone to be my guarantor? The bank say parents or siblings can as long as working but did not tell me about salary requirement for them.

    My sister who is a teacher with a monthly salary of RM2700 offered to be a guarantor. Is she eligible?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi endren, normally your guarantor should earn at least the same or more than you. Why don’t you try submitting your application to other banks?

  128. Matt says:


    Would like to make a comparison with car loan interest rates of 2012 and 2009. Do you have the 2009 i/r figures especially for Proton

    Also would like know how banks derive these interest rates? Does it tie in with Bank Negara’s base lending rate (BLR)?

    Thanks in advance!

  129. admin says:

    No we don’t keep track on the interest rate. BLR only works for housing loan.

  130. ykl says:

    i am self-employed and planning to buy a mazda cx5 which cost rm159500, currently have car loan in public bank and plan for a trade in, wanna ask if my income is unstable and monthly commitment is quite high above 3k, any chance for me to get the loan pass???

  131. Rauf says:


    I’m planning to buy Honda Accord 2.4 (M series) year 2011. What is the best interest rate that I can get? and which bank..?? Thanking in advance..:)

  132. jenny says:

    can i know about honda 2nd hand interest rate?year min 2002

  133. Deep says:

    Hi, I am an foreigner in this country, but my wife is a Malaysian. She is a housh wife and I do not have any other person as guarantor. can I get a car loan ?

    • admin says:

      Hi there, your wife cannot be your guarantor. If you would like to purchase this model, you need to pay at least 30% down payment with maximum loan period of 5 years. Please call us at 019-3559448 if you have any further questions.

  134. S.Bathmanathan says:

    second car loan Nissan serena 2005
    65k I looking for lowest interest loan for 7 year can any body help me

  135. Fei says:

    Hi, am a govt servant. Gross salary is about RM 6,700. Net salary is about RM 4,600. Plan to purchase honda city 1.5 e or vios. Is there any possibility for 0% down payment. If not, what is the minimum down payment? Kindly advice

    • admin says:

      Hi there, it is possible to apply 100% loan and we are also offering RM 4,600 rebates for model E. You can add another RM 4k+ plus in order to make it 10% down payment.

  136. Farah says:

    Hi, am working with govt. Plan to purchase toyota vios 1.5 E. Wants to make d/p around RM 3,000. Net salary is about RM 4,600 per month. Is it possible to get loan for the remaining balance? quatation is appreciated.

  137. sam lee says:

    hi,i would like to but a subaru version 8 cost around 80k-85k…used car… i able to get a full loan n wat is the rate for da car…my income is roughly 8000k per month?tqvm…

  138. parames says:

    I bought myvi 1.3 and i took loan for 9 years.Its already pay my installment for 5 years and now i planning to shorter my loan repayment year to 2 or 3 years. Its it possible to refinance to shorter the year of installment?how?pls advise…



  139. wim says:

    hi,nk tahu interest rate utk nissan 2nd,,

  140. AGILA says:

    i apply for viva standard, can i know wht is the recent rate under hong leong bank?

  141. shah says:

    Goodday….i ade kete wira se 2nd hand thn i nk trade in to alza 1.5 leh tau x berapa monthly payment sebulan jika i nk trade in kete lama i?

  142. kumar says:

    how much is the interest?? ..if i wanna buy a ford fiesta xtr.

    • admin says:

      Hi, it depends on your eligibility and down payment amount. The average is from 2.4%-2.5%. Please let us know if you would like to purchase from us. Thanks!

  143. We are two expats living and working in KL. We are interested in buying a new car for approx 100,000RM.
    Is finance possible?

  144. sherly says:

    i want to get a car with full loan … is it possible?
    my monthly salary is 2420… can u suggest me ?

  145. Muhamad Yusof says:

    hi,what is the loan interest rates for ford cars?

  146. Sweet says:

    Hi , i would like to buy a new mitsubishi mirage . may i know what banks offered low interest? my salesman applied for me at ambank . now, just need me to submit my guarantor as i just work in my company for 3 months.. maybe i can change to other bank that offers more benefit & low interest .

  147. Anoko says:

    Hi admin,may I know is that possible to have 2 car loan at once from public bank?because I’m getting a used car from direct owner,after I get loan for the “new” car,I will sell off the car I’m currently using.btw my gross salary minus my current car hire purchase divide by 3is just short around 40 to match the so called new policy.much appreciate if u can clear my doubts.

    • admin says:

      Hi Anoko, you can still apply for the car loan. Just let the bank officer know that you are selling off your car.

  148. Rahim says:

    Hi MY admin. Happy New Year.

    I am planning to buy MPV Toyota Vellfire this year 2013. The price is approximately 250,000 RM. The downpayment planned is RM 30,000 or higher. RM 220,000 plan for loan depend on downpayment. This MPV Vellfire is manufactured in 2011 recond MPV imported.(likely new). Does higher downpayment reflects the load interest rate?,if not,What is the normal/average loan rate and what is the maximum year repayment for this MPV. FYI, My month income is approximately RM 12,000/month and only pay for house RM 1500/month. your advice is much appreciated.Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Salam Rahim, if the car is a recond car, the rate should be around 2.3+% depending on the bank’s approval. Are you still looking for other option? We can ask our dealer if they can give you a better price depending on the spec you want. Please give us a call at 019-3559448 for more info.

  149. kin says:

    Hi, basically i am interested to purchase a brand new honda city with downpayment 60k and plan to loan the balance 30k. my fixed salary is 6k per month and plan to loan for 3 years. apart from that, i do not have any other loan. kindly advice if guarantor is required?

  150. Teo says:

    Dear admin,

    I am a graduate.
    Interested to get a Myvi EZi Premium special metallic.
    What would be the best deal? Can I have some quotation please?

  151. Nurul Ain says:


    I’m going to take MYVI 1.3 premium soon. Planned to pay RM5k or RM10k downpayment & will get laon for the rest. Which bank that you recommend & what is the current interest rate for the loan. Preferably to get from bank that offer lowest interest rate. And should I go for Islamic or conventional loan? Which one is better?


    • admin says:

      Hi Nurul Ain, we would always recommend our buyer to get the Islamic loan. Please check your email for more info.

  152. errieyz says:

    hye admin,
    is graduate scheme still available?
    i planned to buy preve 1.6 executive cvt, which loan that you think best for me?and how much i need to pay per month?tq.

  153. elyzabeths says:

    Hi, im foreigner married to Malaysian. I planning to take loan for viva under my name. Currently, im working but no epf., wt salary 2200. Is it possible to get the loqn if my down payment around 2-3k. Pls reply to my email an appreciated if u can send the quotation as well. Many thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Can your husband become your guarantor? Otherwise, you’d need to pay 30% down payment with max loan of 5 years.

  154. TBE says:

    Hi, my parent wanted to buy a new Honda civic 1.8. DP should be the minimum. N since my dad already had 2 cars under his name, he wants to use my name to make the loan. My salary is 3k n I dont have any other loan or commitment. Would the loan be approved with my salary?N usually which bank is easier to deal with? Means they are not so strict in processing the loan.

  155. Far says:

    Hi, i am thinking of buying perodua alza. Currently am using a 2003 kancil and thinking to trade in the kancil as the downpayment for the alza. However i am in the middle of whether to trade in the kancil as the downpayment or just go for the graduation scheme? How much can i get from the trade in of kancil, which bank offers the lowest rate for perodua alza, and how much is the monthly payment?

    • admin says:

      Hi there, it would be best to keep your Perodua Kancil and you can use it for other purposes. Please check your email for more info on the payment schedules.

  156. Cayenne says:

    I wish to buy Proton Saga and market now are sell RM 45211. I wish to loan for RM 20K. Any idea that monthly payment is how much and what is the interest rate for RM 20K?

  157. CB says:

    I am buying a new honda civic. What the best Interest Rate the market can offer.

  158. kucai says:

    I wish to buy Ford fiesta sport 1.6L. I’m earning around RM 2.8k monthly and have no other commitment except for house rent and bills. I can afford not more than RM10k downpayment. Can you let me know what is the best interest rate and the best bank for me to apply a loan?do i need a guarantor?

  159. new here says:

    I’m 21 years old and working currently. My basic salary is RM 2500. Am I able to get a full car loan to purchase a car? Do I need anything else for that.

    • admin says:

      Which car model are you interested to purchase? Yes, you can do 0% down payment but we need to make sure that you are eligible for the loan amount. As long as the car below RM 80k, it should be fine.

  160. new here says:

    The fact is I do not mind any of this cars and I’m not in a rush. Do you mind sharing with me how much do I pay monthly for my loan for either one of the car, triton and 2013 ford fiesta. That would help me a lot in planning things outffinancially. Thank you so much.

  161. noruru says:

    Hi, I bought suzuki siwft 1.5glx and the loan will be for 7 years. i’ve paid the installemnt for 1 year and now i’m planning to decrease my monthly payment from rm1k++ to maybe rm800 below. Is it possible for that and which bank offer lower interest rate for auto refinance loan? need your help, thanx

  162. Calvin says:

    Hi,I’m going to buy a BMW 320i , price will be Rm238,800.
    I submitted my document for few bank. That need to get 90% loan. Bank site rejected my loan due to my ages factor.
    My current ages is 23.
    Do not have any commitment.
    Income tax I declare my income was Rm42,000
    I’m a investment Agent.
    No fixed Salary, Under Commission Bass.
    I got no FD, because my all money go for investment.
    My income actually more than 100k a year.
    But I declare less.
    I’m the eldest in my Family.
    My mother do not have any document support for my gurantor.
    My only sister work in SG ,with low income.
    My manager agree to do my gurantor, but bank rejected due to not relative.
    Now I’m decided to place 30% down payment for my car.
    My investment in share and unit trust got more than Rm100,00. But bank said the document no use.
    Any way can get approve for the loan, I’m very urgent to buy that car.
    I have no relative can become my gurantor.
    What can I do?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it is very unlikely for the bank to give out a loan with the amount stated. If you are able to place 30% down payment, they may be able to consider. Buying a brand new BMW is not a good idea, get a recond with almost half price, that’s much more easier for you to get a loan approval. We can find a good model E90 for you if you are interested.

  163. aisyh says:

    saya bminat nk beli preve yg rm62k. Gaji saya rm4k. Ada promotion sempena CNY? Jika sya byr deposit rm3k berapa bulanan utk 9th. Tq

  164. Ally says:

    Just want to know my eligibility if I want to buy a Kia Forte 1.6 SX. My salary is RM2300
    1.what is the lowest interest rate that I can get with d/p RM 10K
    2.if trade in my proton persona i can get 70k loan and i still need guarantor?

    • admin says:

      Hi ally, you may not need to provide a guarantor depending on your net salary and current commitment. Please check your email for more info.

  165. ms.cecellia says:

    i purchase a car (Alza) n i paid rm12k deposit,my loan is 9 years, my monthly is rm543..n i apply car loan at Ambank. may i know how much is my interest?

  166. farah says:

    Hi. I am a foreigner and I have been in Malaysia from 2003. I finished my PhD last year and have got a lecturer job in a private university in Malaysia starting January 2013. I have employment pass valid till end of 2014. Can I apply for loan to buy proton saga 1.3 CVT standard? If yes what is terms and conditions. TX

    • admin says:

      Hi there, you are required to pay at least 30% down payment with maximum tenure of 5 years. Please let us know if you are interested.

  167. Jack says:

    Hi Admin, Im an Expat Executive working in Malaysia. My basic is RM3000. Am looking to buy old/new perodua viva. Can I apply loan for it and how much should be the downpayment? and other terms & conditions?
    Kindly advise.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jack, bank would require you to pay at least 30% down payment (if you are non-Malaysian. The maximum loan tenure is 5 year only.

      • Jack says:

        Hi Admin, in the case If I take bank loan after 30% downpayment, would I still need a guarantor?

      • admin says:

        Should be just fine. We can try submitting your application first and let us see what the bank would say about this.

  168. Nisa says:

    Hi there, I’ve sent a query thru the quotation form few days ago but still havent receive any reply from your side. I’ll just submit my query here. I wanna get Viva 660, the thing is I work for a small company, no EPF deduction and no pay slip. My fixed salary is RM1500, plus with side income ranging from RM100-800 per month. I can only provide you my bank statement. I’ve no commitment, hope you guys can help me.

    • admin says:

      Hi nisa, yes we can help you with this. Are you planning to pay any down payment? Please reconfirm and email it to us asap so that we can help you with this.

  169. azka says:

    Hello sir,
    thanks for great info here about local bank interest rate
    here i’m want to know about landrover model defender, how estimate interest rate about this new landy :)


  170. hasbul says:

    how much loan can get for a 2006 honda integra dc5,and term..

  171. Hasan says:

    Hi admin, Thanks for your nice efforts. Im a foreigner and my basic is RM 2500. I don’t have a Malaysian Driving license & im from Bangladesh. Do you think i am eligible for a bank loan here. I want to buy Perodua Myvi. What would be the interest rate?
    Thanks in a bunch.

  172. Rupinder says:

    Hello Dear,

    I am an Expatriate working in KL since Nov-2009 with more than RM8900 per month salary, i need to buy second hand waja car (15k), but the concern is, i am having Indian License, i need to get loan of around 11k RM, what all documents are required, also i don’t have any guarantor. Kindly help to provide solution.

  173. Jenifer says:

    Hi. I am a foreigner and married to Malaysian local and currently working as permanent staff in IT company here in Malaysia.
    As i wanted to get Grand Livina 1.5 A, is it possible for me to get the car loan without guarantor? My current salary is RM 2,700 and i will trade in my Hyundai Atos car.

  174. Sam says:

    Hi Admin,

    I just come back from working oversea and just join a local company. I just change my company and have only 1 month pay slip. But my basic from my new company is 6k, only one personal loan commitment with month 220 installment. interested to buy Kia Rio 2013. Please advise if I eligible to apply for a loan without a guarantor (downpayment is 10%).


    • admin says:

      Hi Sam, yes you are eligible. We have emailed you the details. You can provide us with 1 pay slip and that’s totally fine. Please include your job offer letter as well.

  175. Charmaine Nash says:

    Hi admin,
    I’m 23 y/o. I want to get second hand Satria Neo for RM 35K. I’ve tried to apply for a car loan but the bank kept on rejecting it saying that my age is too young and need a guarantor. My salary is RM2100 after EPF/SOCSO. I have been working for 1 year already. My parents cant be my guarantor because they don’t have any fixed job. Is there any other way for me to get a car around that price without the use of guarantor?
    Thank you. =)

    • admin says:

      Hi there, why don’t you apply a loan for a brand new Proton Satria? We can help you with that without much hassle. Please check your email for the quotation.

  176. Hossein says:

    I want to know how is the loan for foreigners? I want to buy a Perodua myvi 1.3 ezi 2008. it is full loan can I get it? or do I need a guarantor?

  177. Hossein says:

    Can u answer me faster???

  178. musa says:

    i am Musa Jemi by name, the C E O, Of Musa Micro Finance, i give out loans to individuals and company at 5% if you are in need of loan, you can contact me via email at. ( i will be glad to offer you loan,

  179. Ken says:

    Hi sir,
    May I know new 2014 Mazda 6 sedan 2.0 150k++ what the best car loan interest rate that you can offer? Downpayment around 15-20 or 30% are affordable and loan for 9 yrs.  

    I’m a self-employer I dont have any EPF, salary statement, etc.
    I’m 23yrs old and single no commmitment or any other loan but I do have FD, Public mutual and saving account.  

    Income tax I declare my income was Rm11,000/monthly
    My income actually more than 100k a year so
    Will the bank approve my loan?
    Do I need a guarantor?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ken, the interest should be roughly around 2.3-2.4% depending on which bank you choose. You meant 2014 or 2013?

      • Ken says:

        How bout no epf?
        the latest model in US not yet launched in msia..

      • admin says:

        No EPF is ok. why don’t you buy recon car?

      • Ken says:

        Why say so?

      • admin says:

        Recon car should be better in term of quality and it has lower interest rate charge. Just let us know which model you are interested then we can find it for you.

      • Ken says:

        Alright, drop me a email bout ur company address
        Million thanks, good service :D

      • admin says:

        Hi Ken, for recon car, we have partnership with most of the dealer in KL. Whenever we have stock for the model you want, we can find it among our dealers. Whoever give the best price and quality, we would recommend it to you.

  180. DIY says:

    Hi Admin,

    I’m planning to purchase a Pegeout 408. Cam you advise me on the Bank offering the lowest interest rate and what should my salary range be if I were to be granted 100% loan. Thank you!

  181. reivax says:

    Hi there, may I know what’s the interest rate now for new and used car? Is the interest rate for recon’s car same as used car? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Recon’s car interest rate is quite the same as new car’s. Used car’s interest is normally higher by 1%.

  182. Lee says:

    I would like to know the bank interest rate if I want to purchase a new ford focus.


    • admin says:

      From 2.35% and above. Let us know if you are interested or call me tomorrow so that we can arrange the loan application for you and everything else.

  183. masnina says:

    Hi there? What is the trade in value for Kia spectra 2003

    • admin says:

      Hi masnina, can you please message or call us @ 019-3559448 and specify the exact model of your current Kia Spectra? Thanks

  184. edda says:

    anyone can arrange loan for me. buying 2nd hand swift RM58000.

  185. yuva says:

    i would like to know the interest rate for brand new toyota 86 and recond model of toyota 86 and the price for both.tq

    • admin says:

      Hi there, the interest rate should be from 2.3% and we are offering great rebate for 2012 model. Please let us know if you are interested.

  186. apeng says:

    Hi admin,
    i in process buying new navara..could i know the lowest interest for bank loan..?

    • admin says:

      Hi Apeng, are you interested buying the car from us? Each bank panel would offer different rate and you can get as low as 2.4% from our bank panel depending on your eligibility. Please call us at 019-3559448 to discuss.

  187. kathir says:

    hi,i like to buy forte 1.6 sx 5% downpayment.if i apply this month how long will taking..

  188. CS says:

    Hi, my monthly salary is RM3000 and I am looking for Honda’s model (Cr-Z).

    1. Possible to arrange full loan?
    2. I only have 3 months bank statement, without EPF and Income tax. Possible to arrange any loan?


  189. Morgan says:

    Hey i am a student here, is it possible to egta car loan, pay down 40% and pay the rest over 2 years?

    • admin says:

      Hi Morgan, if you are a student, you are not eligible to apply for the car loan. Unless you have a guarantor who’s working here.

  190. zedt says:

    Salam Admin,

    I would like to ask, i just graduated and started working around a month. I am working as a contractor in IT services. My salary after EPF/SOCSO is RM2200. It is a renewable contract basis or will be converted to permanent staff. Am i eligible to get a full loan (9 years) if i am planning to purchase new viva 850 or elite 1.0(M)?do i still need a guarantor?which bank offers lowest interest rate?Advices from you really appreciated!thx!

    • admin says:

      Salam, we have emailed you the discount. Based on your net salary, it should be fine for you to apply without a guarantor. However, we need to know when is your current contract will end?

      • zedt says:

        Thanks for the contract will end on 24/4/ it ok?because then i need to renew my contract..will bank approve my full loan?i will have 1 month payslip is it possible to apple loan?

  191. zedt says:

    sory it 2014 not 2013

  192. zedt says:

    sory it is 24/5/2014 not 24/4/2013

  193. Vabz says:

    Hi I am a expat in Malaysia. I can pay around 12k as downpayment and can afford RM 600 to 800 as monthly installment. My monthly salary is 6000. Which car, new or second hand can I get? I prefer Japanese cars if second hand. Can you help me in getting loan and other processing for buying a car? I plan to buy one this year round Nov 13.
    Thank you for your help

    • admin says:

      Your loan shouldn’t be more than RM 45k based on your budget range as your loan period cannot be more than 5 years. Therefore, you should get a car with price 55-60k.

  194. ryan langdon says:

    Hi admin,my income is 4K what is the maximum loan i can apply for new car?still dont know what car to buy

  195. Inverse says:

    Hi Admin ,

    i just wan to know about somewhere that i plan to buy a Civic 2nd hand , the price range in market was around 75k to 90k , current my work pay if around 2.3 k, as this situation , i still need to pay deposit to bank for the loan or straight pay by monthly , so sorry that i still fresh in the loan knowledge , do i need guarantor also ? currently age 22 , local man … down payment that i can make for the car probably at 10 % … thz and appreciate …

    • admin says:

      All you need to do is to speak to your used car dealer about this. Find the car that you want to purchase and then only you can find out the maximum loan amount, the interest rate and other charges from buying a used car. Based on your current pay, you may only apply for maximum loan of RM 60-70k

  196. AhWei says:

    Hi admin,

    I would like to buy a new Hyundai Elantra 1.6L (Standard Auto). My income is RM 2400 after EPF & Socso. Is it possible for me to get a full loan for 9 years? I can afford RM 900 to 1100 as monthly installment. Could i know the lowest interest for bank loan (if i can get the loan)? Currently age 25. Thanks!

  197. sekhar says:

    i am expat looking for 90% loan for buying toyota Rush.
    any leads?

  198. raihana says:

    my mom interested to buy new car peugeot 208,5doors…the price is RM83,493..she able to pay 11% as downpayment..besides that, now she work at government sector and her gross income around RM1600.…may i know which bank can give lowest rate for loan?

  199. jes says:

    hi,my husband applied a car loan at ambank.but they cancelled the loan for the following reason.
    1.age 30years record in ccris. not listed
    so, wat can we do now?
    he just joined d company but his salary is rm3400,got epf.before this oso u have any solution for this problem?

  200. neil says:

    hi, im an expat from the philippines, since 2008. Was wondering what is the maximum duration of loan i can get in years. my work permit expires december 2014, ( my company renews it every 2 years, along with my contract). will that affect the maximum tenure of my loan application? or would i just need a guarantor? my net income is 6k. Thanks :)

  201. vanillaise24 says:

    Hi there. My gross salary is RM2800. I’m thinking of buying Ford Fiesta 1.4L. I can only afford to pay RM600-800 a month. My downpayment RM20k. How many years should I take for the loan? What is the best bank that offers good/low interest rates? I heard of Maybank Islamic but not sure about it. Please advise. TQ.

  202. Mie says:

    I’m interested to buy a recond toyota wish 2009 S package and the best price i can get is 125k. For ur info, my net income after deduction RM 3.3k and i’m able to pay downpayment 20K. How much loan that i’m entitle?

  203. syamir says:

    hello, im fresh graduate, and i wil start my employment on 19 august, next month and have received the offer letter. I really neet the car before starting the work bcoz my job requires me to move always. i would like to take myvi 1.5se, using graduate scheme without DO. My basic will be 2800. i googled and found some infos bout Maybank Ezy loan and Bank islam gradhitz. which on is better? and one more problem is i dont have full driving license, only got L license? is it possible?

    • admin says:

      Hi Syamir, if you haven’t started working, you need to provide a guarantor. You can provide you parent’s license if you don’t have a full license. Please check your email for more info.

  204. Cherish says:

    Hi, admin. Would like to ask.
    I’m interested on almera 1.5v which cost rm76813.i able to pay 10% DP
    But too bad, my net pay is rm1800+( almost reach rm1900) .
    Issit possible to get the 90% loan?

    Waiting for your reply soon.

    Best regards,

  205. Jason Lam says:

    I wanted to know, how much the maximum amount of the car can i loan?

    Example, Veloster, RM 130k .. what salary can i loan this amount of price?

  206. trk says:

    hi, my father is 67 years old malaysian and my mother is malaysian pr, doing food business and not committed to epf, are they eligible to get loan?

  207. kumar says:

    Hi, I am an Indian working in a MNC here in KL. I would like to take a car loan here. Can you tell me if I am eligible and which Bank will help me with one?

    Thank you!

  208. Jebat says:

    as salam.. sy berminat untuk beli wish recon model baru.. 10% downpayment… Gaji bulanan rm6.5k..
    terima kasih :)

  209. Tabaan ul haq says:

    hi i am an international student i buy a car on loan i living in ampang and i have student visa

  210. KKK says:

    Hi, I am interested in buying the new Suprima S. What would be the lowest interest rate that I can get if I pay 10% downpayment? My monthly salary is more than 4k.

  211. Alex says:

    Hi, for 2nd hand car – Proton Saga FLX 2012 version, can I get full loan?

    Is it possible to make full loan for 2nd hand car? Kindly advice. Appreciate it. :)

  212. Niro says:

    Hi, im planning to get a second hand car, probably Saga FLX or SV, or Myvi. Persona would be fine as well. Can i get a full loan for the car? my basic salary is 2.2k and i’d get at least 2.7k monthly. I’d be very grateful if you could help.

  213. M8 says:

    Hi.. I would like to buy mazda8. My question:
    1) 90% loan will be 177k from total amount but it is possible to get loan up to rm188k. Monthly payment is not much different (9 years loan).
    2) If can, what about interest rate?

  214. Faisal says:

    Hi. I plan to buy secondhand honda civic fd 2.0 year 2010. Is it possible for fullloan 9 year & what is current interest rate for secondhand car. My basic salary RM4400. Thanks.

  215. Karthik says:

    Hi, I am foreigner will be here till 2016 and can be extended, my pay is around 7K, I need to purchase a car value around 20-25K on loan, have a valid international driving license too. can pay downpayment of 10-15%, please suggest how to proceed.

    • admin says:

      You may need to fork out more money for the down payment as it is required by the local bank. Please contact us at 019-3559448 and we have had few clients who are non-Malaysian.

  216. azrie says: rate for volvo s40?and i want to knw max loan tenure for volvo s40 2005..tq

    • admin says:

      Salam Azrie, for a specific question like this, you may need to speak to the bank officer. The loan tenure may be around 5-7 years depending on the bank’s approval.

  217. Manuel says:

    Hi, I am a foreigner living/working here in malaysia, along with me is my wife (under dependent pass) and my 2 year old kid, i was thinking of buying a used none local car with 13000rm max price. My salary is 4k, i may only be able to do 2k downpayment, is it possible to get a loan for me?


  218. Bea says:


    I am foreigner and i do not have a Malaysian driver’s license. I would like to get a car if it is possible, price range between rm20k to rm25k. I do not have a guarantor so i would just pay the 30% downpayment.

    Thanks in advance!

  219. Deng says:

    Hi expat here, working here for almost 3yrs and my current salary is 4.3k a month, is there a way that I can get a car loan with no guarantor? brand new or 2nd hand

  220. andrew says:

    I am an expat here in Malaysia for over 5years (on going contract) I am interested in purchasing a new car 150k-200k. I have a wealthy guarentor. Can I borrow 90%?? (I assumed I would have access to get whatever finance was available to my guarentor?) I have a salary in excess of 50000k/month.

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrew, yes it should be fine. Which model are you interested with?

      • andrew says:

        I was thinking a Kia Sorento or sim SUV? But as I am planning to keep the car 1 to 2 years, was wondering how much principal I would have paid off after 1year & after 2 years on a 5 year loan? It may be silly not to take the finance over 3 years instead?

      • admin says:

        If you would like to get a brand new model, we can try to help you with the loan application.

  221. Gundam says:

    Hi Admin,

    i arrange buy the Nissan Almera… in here, i arrange loan RM40K and 5 years. may i know, minimum loan interest can i get is how many percentage? every month how much i need to pay?

    • admin says:

      Interest rate could fall in between 2.4-2.5% depending on the bank but we can always nego with our bank panels for you.

  222. Jackson Ng says:

    Hi Admin,if I afford to purchase Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Rm178,888) and downpayment is 35%+-(Rm60k),loan period 7 years. How much the lower interest rate can I get?

  223. chris oon says:

    Hi there,

    i interested buy kia cerato, may i know can make full loan and how much for the

    interest rate ?

  224. Felix says:

    Can a contract staff apply for full loan?

  225. chua says:

    hi admin ,
    i interested to buy saga flx sv ,and can i know what the rate for proton?
    i just wan loan 30k for 9 year.

  226. romain says:

    I plan to buy car in malaysia for my business and I wonder if can loan around 30k under my company here.

  227. Foong says:

    Dear admin, What are the chances of getting flagged by IRB if the downpayment is 85% from the car price? Looking at the newly launched mazda3. Income about 5.5k gross.

    • admin says:

      Hi Foong, no worries. A lot of people paid their car with cash. Let us know if you are interested and we can be reached at 019-3559448

  228. Varun says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am an expat with a 3 year contract in Malaysia. Want to buy a new car.

    What is the interest rate I can get from banks like Maybank considering I am an expat and can pay 15% downpayment and the rest 85% in loan.

    Also, can I take a 5 year loan or the bank won’t approve it as I only have a 3 year contract ?

    Appreciate if you could help me in this regard.

  229. nurul says:

    My brotherinterested to buy second hand honda civic, how much interest that bank will offer for 9 year? TQ

    • admin says:

      Interested to get a financing for your used/recon car? Please call, message or Whatsapp our Financial Advisor, Alin at (019)-3788398

  230. sha says:

    hi admin ,
    i interested to buy myvi 1.3L EZ1 ,and can i know what the interest rate for 9 year if I pay RM4000 as down payment?

  231. kamal says:

    hi admin,
    I’m working in abu dhabi oil n gas. my payslip is from Dubai. I have no EPF since july last year. I’m planning to invest in property and buy a car in Malaysia. can I ?

  232. jeya says:

    i wan buy second hand car(vios). Which bank give me best interest rate. ty

  233. Ken says:

    Hi, I’m buying a second hand perodua car which cost RM27k. And I’m applying loan for RM25K. Interest rate would probably be around 3.8 to 3.9. Do i need to find guarantor for that? Thanks

  234. Mira says:

    Hi, may i know whether the bank requires our basic salary or net salary to be considered eligible w/o a guarantor? And may i know who are eligible to become a guarantor? Must a guarantor is someone from the family member? Thank u

  235. Andrewjo says:

    Hi, I am living in JB and a Singapore Permanent Resident. I am working in Singapore (not employed in Malaysia). However, i have bought an Apartment in JB and my family will stay there most of the time. Am i eligible to buy car with bank loan? If not eligible, is there any other way to buy car with installment (not from bank)? Btw, my income is more than RM15k.

  236. Roger says:

    Looking for proton saga used/new that with 100% full loan. I am an expatriate working in Kuala Lumpur..

  237. I understand after this event there’s going interest to lend yoou up for
    payments etc clubbed in one basket. And the pride thaqt you can only get wordse before improving.
    Com and NDTV Profit is not only guide you to, among
    them is centered on a dog unit.

  238. dief says:

    Im thinking of getting a Myvi 1.5L if possible. The thing is I work overseas on short durations (3 to 6 months), am I entitled to a loan? If its difficult , what minimum downpayment I should allocate in order to secure a car loan?
    I have my EPF account statements from old contributions , and I have my foreign payslip and contract will that help?

  239. Jelo says:

    Interested in buying a KIA Rio 2014, Im an expat working here in Malaysia, will I be able to apply for a carloan without a local guarantor? approximately how much in percentage is the maximum loanable amount for expats?

  240. sukma says:

    Im a epf no income tax, salary about 7-8k a month.kindly email me

  241. blythe9381 says:

    Definitely is good to finally find decent postings such as this. I really liked it.

  242. mitzi3669 says:

    You scarcely come across posts such as this anymore. I recall when you could find one or two topics like this in a few minutes however now it’s significantly more difficult.

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