Car Dealer lists

We have updated our dealer contact lists. A few names have been removed due to the intention to focus on selling cars which have greater market segment and higher potential growth. As part of our practice, each of our customer would have to contact En Ihsan for a screening process before they will be redirected to our corresponding dealers.
Main Representative : En Ihsan (019-3559448) 

No Car Makes Main Authorized Dealers 2nd Authorized Dealers
1 Kia En. Juraimi -
2 Honda En. Awie Cassie
3 Toyota En. Hazli -
4 Nissan En. Qalif -
5 Proton En. Ihsan En Asri
6 Perodua En. Ihsan -

Our Hyundai, Mazda, Ford and Volkswagen dealers are still actively dealing with us. If you would like to speak to our dealers, just drop us your phone number or call us at 019-3559448.

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One Response to Car Dealer lists

  1. Robert Marksman says:

    I’m looking to find/buy a list of car dealers email addresses in Malaysia for the purpose of marketing of our tax free cars from the UK. Can you help?

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