Honda City Facelift 2012


Honda City Facelift 2012 – This is the new model of Honda City that will be available in June 2012. This model is now open for booking and kindly contact us at 019-3559448 to get more information on this. The waiting period for this model is about 2-3 months and let”s say your booking is made before May, there is a higher chance for you to get the car by July 2012.


Interested? We would advise you to make an early booking and send us your documents for loan application process. Do include a copy of your IC, driving license, pay slip (3 months) and bank statements (3 months).

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227 Responses to Honda City Facelift 2012

  1. amir shah says:

    how much does it need for down payment of this car so that I only need to pay around <750/month? tq.

  2. admin says:

    #Amir Shah – Lets say the price is RM 90k and your down payment is RM 20k, your monthly will be around RM 787 with an estimated interest rate of 2.38%. Are you okay with it? Kindly use our monthly installment calculator to get the exact amount :

  3. khairul says:

    hi, does it come with a sunroof?bcoz i saw one in india..can i pay for the d/p only 5k?and do i have to pay if i want to book it now?it’s for my wife, her nett salary around 3.4k,and planning for a 9 yrs loan.hope to hear from you soon.tq.

    • admin says:

      #Khairul – We are not aware of the sunroof. It may not available on Malaysia’s model. Yes, if you plan to make a booking, you have to pay RM 1,000. In the mean time, we will need your wife’s documents for loan application process. Give us a call at 019-3559448 so that we can meet up and discuss further on this. The waiting period for this model is around 2-3 months and it is advisable to make an early booking.

  4. Ali hassan says:

    How many colour modal Honda city facelift have…what the colour is

  5. ridzuan says:

    harga honda city 2012 brapa?

  6. admin says:

    #Ridzuan – The price has not been disclosed. Pihak kami akan update harga di blog kami.

  7. Mahmud says:

    Bagaimana dengan Sabah, Sarawak?? Booking ni valid ke utk Sabah n Sarawak?

  8. admin says:

    #Mahmud – Oh tidak, pihak kami tidak mempunyai dealer di sabah dan sarawak. Mohon maaf di atas sebarang kesulitan.

  9. khairul says:

    do you have the full spec for the new city that will available in malaysia. In india they have 5 version so i think the one that malaysian will get is without the sunroof,leather seat etc..not the highest spec..:(

  10. Afif says:

    I dah booking honda city 2012, actually bila honda nak launch this car and kereta boleh dapat? Loan i submit Affin Bank & dah lulus tadi tapi intrest rate 2.47%, bank mana yg boleh dapat lagi rendah interest? i byr 10% sahaja

  11. admin says:

    #Afif – Kalau you dah buat booking, boleh dapatkan booking balik ke? Pihak kami boleh cuba dapatkan rate 2.38% under RHB islamic. Itu adalah promosi terkini dan jika afif berminat, boleh terus hubungi kami di 019-3559448. Model baru akan dilancarkan pada bulan 6 dan berkemungkinan kereta afif akan masuk dalam bulan july bergantung kepada model dan warna yang dipilih.

  12. John says:

    How much of minimum down-payment required?

  13. admin says:

    #John – it would be great if you could pay 10% downpayment. However, you may pay as low as 5% depending on your basic and nett pay. Do let us know if you would like to speak to our Honda dealer. Give us a call at 019-3559448

  14. Is says:

    I da book kat honda dealer actmar since bln 2.. Loan pun da approve..x bole ke dpt dlm bln 6???kalau buy from admin bole dapat cepat ke?

  15. admin says:

    #Is – Kalau Is dah book dari bulan 2, insyaAllah akan dapat awal. Jangan risau. Kalau beli dengan admin pon, sama je. Susah Is je nanti nak tukar. Interest rate dapat berape Is?

  16. Is says: biasa nye kalau bli dgn admin,apa je dpt free gift?sbb sy blom tanye ngan my dealer apa yg sy akan dpt..b4 this bli vios for my wife dpt voucher service rm2500 and cash money rm500…

  17. Ahmad says:

    Hi, i am working in private sector since feb 2010, having basic rm2,800.00 and rm650 allwnce. No other commitment. able to pay 10% dwnpmnt. With strict loan approval, am i eligible to strike for this honda without gerento?

  18. admin says:

    #Ahmad – Are you getting a fixed allowance every month? If it is a yes, then it shouldn’t be a problem. We can help you in getting the loan approval. Let us know if you would like to speak to our Honda dealers. Call us at 019-3559448 for more information.

  19. Ahmad says:

    So with RM3,450 fixed income, can I pay the minimum downpayment 5% instead?

  20. admin says:

    #Ahmad – Yes, you can. Kindly check your email as we have sent you the quotation. Thanks.

  21. Nurizaitul says:

    Hi, financial status saye same mcm Ahmad (2,800 + 600) tapi ada personal loan 150/month & jd gerento utk adik (viva 880 yr 2011 full loan. Layak jugak ker? (10% dwnpmnt) ;)

  22. admin says:

    #Nurizaitul – Which model are you referring to? The old version or the new version? Yes, you should be able to get the loan approval without guarantor. Kindly let us know which model you want to get so that we can send you a proper quotation. Thanks.

  23. Nurizaitul says:

    Yg baru facelifted version, boleh pm quotation?

  24. admin says:

    #Nurizaitul – Harga untuk model baru belum keluar lagi. Tetapi kami ada hantarkan email quotation untuk model Type E sebagai bahan rujukan. Sila check email saudari dan jika saudari mempunyai sebarang soalan, boleh hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448.

  25. hazlina says:

    model baru honda city 2012 nih dipasang di Malaysia ke fully imported dr Jepun? Banyak review yg x bagus bagi model yg dipasang di Malaysia. Tlg bagi quotation bg variant E. Tq

  26. admin says:

    #Hazlina – Pihak kami telah hantar maklum balas ke email saudari. Jika saudari ada sebarang soalan, boleh hubungi kami atau email ke

  27. fareed says:

    salam, saya di langkawi..langkawi pricing brape yer??leh antar quoatation??

  28. admin says:

    #Fareed – Harga di langkawi adalah berlainan dengan harga yang ditawarkan di semenanjung. Kami tidak mempunyai dealer di sana.

  29. amy says:

    Assalam…bole saye tahu tarikh sebenar honda city FL ni akan launching??brape interest rate kalu saye amik islamic loan?

    • admin says:

      Wasalam Amy, tarikh sebenar belum dikeluarkan oleh Pihak Honda dan jika saudari ingin membeli kereta dalam masa yang terdekat, promosi RHB islamic adalah dalam lingkungan 2.35%. Booking sudah boleh dilakukan dan sila hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 untuk mendapatkan maklumat lanjut.

  30. khairul says:

    hi..boleh emelkan quotation and spec yg dapat pada e variant?thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Khairul, pihak kami akan emailkan quotation sebentar lagi. Terima kasih kerana menggunakan perkhidmatan kami.

  31. Choong says:

    I will be returning from overseas soon. Interested in buying this facelift model, can I submit the booking through a third party. I’m serving the government and have a permanent job. Since I’ll be away, how do I deal with documentation related matters?

    • admin says:

      Hi choong, the waiting period for this new model will be around 2-3 months. If you are interested to deal with #mybestcardealer, you can make your booking of RM1,000 and kindly provide a copy of your IC/MyKad. You can either bank in and we’ll fax you the receipt or you can ask anyone you know to meet our Honda representative. Either way is fine but kindly let us know which way is easier for you. Thanks do call us at 019-3559448 for more info.

  32. chuna says:

    Hai, im interested with city e model.could u pls send me a quotation n details regarding that model.? Thanks

  33. siti says:

    Hi.saya berminat nak beli this new honda.boleh emelkan spec,colour available(with photo kalau ada) and the price?thanks.

    • admin says:

      Salam siti, pihak kami telah hantarkan details ke email saudari. Jika saudari ada sebarang soalan, sila emailkan atau hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448.

  34. kenji says:

    Hi just need to ask got auto cruiser and peddle swift and the price will becomes same like the old price RM90k++ ??? all the spec eg- engine, suspension, and etc izzit same with previous spec, or all the same just outlook is different only…??? Thanks

  35. KAVITHA says:

    Wht are the colours are available? Can you email me the full specs details?

  36. Robin Ho says:


    Can pls send specs and pics for the new honda city facelift? Does it have the modulo add-ons as well…it would be great to see some pictures for comparisons between the normal design and modulo…thanks:-

  37. hilmi says:

    btl ke FL ni seat blakang dia xleh buka mcm yg lama? seat blakang dia bole tolak kebelakang mcm yg lama x?

    • admin says:

      We need to wait for the model to get into the showroom so that we can spot the differences between the old and new models.

    • mamatganu says:

      xboleh..dh tye dealer honda mgu lepas..ade kelebihan n kelemahan yg model lama lg baik in term of yg baru ade auto adjust control button.n ade button untuk lock/unlock pintu

  38. sue says:

    Can you email me the full specs details?

  39. naz says:

    Can you email me the price & full specs details? city facelift 2012. tq

  40. nadaraja a/l pachai says:

    can you email price &full spec details honda citi facelift 2012 tg.

  41. ZAMRI PALEN says:


  42. ZAMRI PALEN says:


  43. Nor Hayati says:

    can you email price & full spec details honda city facelift 2012? tg.

  44. kc says:

    Hi, i have booked it. loan 60k, but the interest rate is 2.51… yours only 2.38? OMG! what should i do

  45. yong says:

    how much this honda city ? with on the road price ?

    • admin says:

      The price has not yet released and we’ll keep you update on our blog. Feel free to like our facebook fan page to get the newsfeed.

  46. azri says:

    boleh hantar quatation utk saya.gaji bersih 2600 dan belom membuat apa2 pinjaman,kereta honda city bru memang dah kuar ker?price dia?.sy pnah terbaca dp 7k n bulanan 800

  47. Lotte says:

    Hey, my friend in penang is interested on this car…do u have dealer at penang? by the way can u send me the price quotation for this car? thanks!!

  48. boy says:

    Type s ade ke untuk model bru ni?

  49. boy says:

    sy dh booking untuk model baru ni bln 3 lg,dan loan pun dh lepas 2.5%,bolehkah sy dpt loan yg lg rendah?dan harga untuk bodykit modulo model baru ni brape?

  50. aritie says:

    tpi saye bukan owg cni blh x klo sye nak beli…

  51. Navin sukilan says:

    Please email me the specs and price details for the 2012 city. Thks

    • admin says:

      Hi Navin, the spec and price details will not be disclosed to the public until its launching date. The expected price is RM 87k for low spec and RM 92k for high spec.

  52. Amri says:

    can you email me price &full spec details honda citi facelift 2012 TQ..

  53. Nurr says:

    Saya dah email, request for quotation. Tolong reply ye. Terima kasih :-)

  54. mz says:

    admin: could you mail to me spec for new honda city 2012 TQ

  55. boy says:

    Sy pun nk jg.harp pihak admin boleh email dekat sy jg..terima kasih:)

  56. im2e says:

    Sekarang pn interest rate for rhb islamic still 2.38 ke?

  57. Int says:

    Hi, Friend, Pls mail to me the spec, Thanks

    • admin says:

      We do have the specs but we are unable to provide you the information prior to the launching date. The expected price of the Honda City is RM 87k and RM 92k.

  58. Norashikin Jamaludin says:


    Mohon untuk mendapatkan maklumat harga dan spesifikasi untuk kereta model Honda City FL yang baru. Adakah ia akan dilancarkan pada 20 Jun?

    Sekiranya saya mempunyai pendapatan RM2300/bulan, bolehkah saya mendapatkan pinjaman untuk kereta tersebut?

    Sekiranya boleh, berapakah bayaran bulanan dan interest rate (bank) sekiranya saya membayar down payment sebanyak RM10,000?

    Dan, bolehkah saya nak trade-in kereta lama iaitu kereta Proton Saga (yang dibeli pada tahun 2009) dengan kereta Honda City?

    Maklum balas daripada tuan amat dihargai.

    Sekian, terima kasih.


    • admin says:

      Salam Syikin, berdasarkan maklumat gaji yang dinyatakan, saudari perlu mendapatkan penjamin untuk mendapatkan kelulusan kerana gaji tuan tidak memenuhi syarat. Interest terendah adalah dalam linkungan 2.38%. Hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448 jika saudari mempunyai sebarang soalan.

  59. syam says:

    boleh trade in swift 2009?

  60. Daniel says:

    how much new honda city price in sabah?

  61. Alex says:

    The expected price of the New Honda City is RM 87k and RM 92k.This is Retail Price (Without Insurance)or On-The-Road Price with Insurance, please confrim, thanks

  62. boy says:

    Sy nk tanye bodykit modulo 2012 honda city br berape?di mne sy boleh beli?

  63. Nurdiana Roslan says:

    gaji bersih saya skrg 2500..n my side income through Public gold..dlm 250++ ke ats stp bulan..adakah sy layak utk beli cty baru nh??
    sy x ad ap2 commitment lain…

    • admin says:

      Salam Nur, mungkin tiada masalah. Pihak kami boleh cuba submitkan dahulu dokumen saudari kepada bank dan sila check email saudari kerana pihak kami telah hantarkan quotation harga berdasarkan 10% down payment.

  64. anne says: lbh minat city model sblm ni..model sblm ni msh blh order ke skrg?

  65. fyra says:

    tolong email spec Honda City baru 2012…tq

  66. Pn. Nordiyana binti Sar says:

    Hai…saya pekerja kerajaan…setelah ditolak gaji saya bersih tinggal rm1400, mempunyai loan kereta myvi sebanyak rm560/bulan tetapi suami yang bayar, apakah saya masih layak untuk membeli hohda city baru?

    • admin says:

      Saudari perlu ada penjamin dan berapakah gaji suami? Berapakah jumlah down payment yang ingin saudari lakukan?

  67. mas says:

    Hai… saya cik mas… saya ada beberapa pertanyaan:
    1) bolehkah saya trade in kereta wira aeroback SE 2005.. dah habis bayar.. dan berapa nilainya..
    2) berapakah d/payment yang perlu utk honda baru ni supaya bulanannya below rm750.
    3) Gaji bersih saya RM2050.00…


  68. oja says:

    please email me the quotation.tq

  69. Muthu says:

    Whats the difference between city 2009 and city 2012

    • admin says:

      Touch up on the interior and exterior. New rims, new tail light, new front bumper, VSA feature and etc.

  70. ms jen says:

    hi, i berminat nak beli honda city..
    boleh dapatkan monthly and lowest interest.
    if my basic rm 2800 + part time rm 2200(fixed)…
    but now i ada housing loan + myvi car loan…
    can i apply for new loan for above car?

    thks 1st.

    • admin says:

      Hi jen, we cannot really say much without having to look at your salary and bank statements. How much do you pay monthly for the house? Prepare the following documents and give us a call at 019-3559448. What’s the amount of down payment you are able to pay? thanks!

  71. Peit says:

    Hi. My basic salary after deductions of EPF is about rm2300. How much is the minimum downpayment that is allowed? Will I be eligible to purchase on for 9 years repayment?

    • admin says:

      Your basic salary should be fine. If you could pay at least RM 4-5k, that would be much helpful. Give us a call at 019-3559448 anytime you are ready.

  72. amer says:

    please email me the quotation.tq

  73. nigiena says:

    saya nak bertanya …sekarang kalau booking honda city agaknya dapat dalam bulan berapa?.Boleh ke kalau kita booking tapi kita nak kereta tu dalam pertengahan januari 2013. Color merah yang kt atas tu termasuk honda citu baru 2012 ke?.

  74. Ermalisa says:

    Hai, im interested with new city model. Could u pls send me a quotation n details regarding that model? Thanks

  75. Eiyka says:

    hi…saye dr sarawak dan kalau saya nak tau price untuk sarawak termasuk min d/p untuk 9thn boleh tak?

  76. Nur Hazman says:

    saya nak beli kete honda facelift 2012 ni..bole dapatkan sebelum raya x? sebelum ni sy ada tanye dealer kt PJ dan interest rate 2.47%…bole dapat lower lagi tak kalu beli ngn admin….basic saya RM1.8K tp gaji bersih RM 3.3K after added allowance…kalu sy nak bayar downpayment RM13K…berapa bajet payment sebulan ye?

    • admin says:

      Salam nur, berdasarkan gaji basic saudari, mungkin hanya Ambank sahaja yang dapat meluluskan pinjaman saudari tetapi interest nya adalah lebih tinggi sedikit. Kami boleh dapatkan interest lebih rendah dari 2.48% daripada bank lain tetapi saudari perlu dapatkan penjamin. Tanpa penjamin, mungkin agak sukar utk mendapatkan interest rendah berdasarkan gaji saudari. Saudari boleh cuba2 guna calculator kami di:

      Jika saudari berminat, saudari boleh hubungi kami di 019-3559448 utk membuat tempahan bagi model ini.

  77. shawal says:

    bleh buat full loan tak?

  78. ieda says:

    Hi admin,

    Saya br tukar kerja dr gomen ke private ddalam sebulan keje gn gaji bersih selepas epf 2.4k .

    Dgn downpayment dlm 3k-4k,boleh lepas ke loan dgn 9thn..
    Atau sy perlu apply guna skim graduted?dgn garentor .brapa interest.
    Utk dptkan kete sblm raya,dealer mn yg blh dapat.
    Harap admin dpt membantu.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ida, you berminat warna ape? Mana-mana dealer kena tunggu lepas raya unless you dah buat booking. Lebih elok utk saudari hubungi kami di 019-3559448 utk maklumat lanjut dengan segera.

  79. rizz says:

    Salam tuan,

    sy penjawat awam (tetap). Net. salary around 1.8k. side income 1.4k (ada surat & agreement sewa rumah)

    kalau saya d/pymt 15k, brapa loan yg bole dapat & interestnya.

    sukacita dpt diberi penerangan. tq.

    • admin says:

      Wasalam riz, kalau you ada penjamin, lebih baik. Tetapi, kalau you mahu cuba submit loan tanpa menggunakan penjamin dahulu, pihak kami boleh cuba proceed ke bank dahulu. Interest rate dalam lingkungan 2.4-2.5% bergantung kepada bank. Jika ambank dapat berikan klulusan, interest nya agak tinggi pada 2.6%.

  80. din says:

    gaji kasar 25++, gaji bersih 18++, layak x utk beli honda, nak bayar d/payment 10k.. interest brapa? kalau booking brapa lama kena tunggu.?

    • admin says:

      Wasalam din, jika you berminat, you mungkin perlukan penjamin kerana gaji bersih you tidak memenuhi syarat. Waiting period bagi model ini adalah dalam linkungan 2-4 minggu bergantung kepada warna yang dipilih, sila hubungi kami utk maklumat lanjut.

  81. mila says:

    saya penjawat awam.gji bersih after after tolak hutang 2.5k..klu sy nk bli honda city means book untuk next year boleh ke..byr dpymnt dlm 40k..n klu bleh brapa rate n mcm mn prosedur..tq

    • admin says:

      You boleh booking sebulan sebelum tarikh you ingin mendapatkan kereta tersebut. Procedure nya hanya sediakan salinan IC, lesen, pay slips 3 bulan dan bank statements 3 bulan.

  82. mila says:

    boleh saya tau rate pling murah dan mcm mn utk dptknnya.klu book skali ngn bodykit modulo boleh ke.klu boleh brapa regenye:) hrp pihak admin dpt bntu..klu dpt emailkn sy OTR n jenis boleh:)Terima ksh

  83. aritie says:

    askum…klo sye xde slips gaji blh x nk bel..yg lain semua ckup

  84. Khairul says:

    Kalau nk trade in dgn Myvi year 2008, blh ke? If yes, brapa anggaran harga trade in Myvi ni?

    • admin says:

      Salam Khairul, boleh tiada masalah. Kami boleh check kan harga utk tuan dan sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448 supaya kami boleh dapatkan maklumat lanjut. Terima kasih.

  85. din says:

    u boleh hantar quotation untuk honda city E bersekali dengan bodykit modulo? i nak bayar dpment 15k dan i ada penjamin. sertakan berapa i perlu bayar bulan2….

  86. aritie says:

    klo penjamin tu ade.

    • admin says:

      Hi airitie, kami perlu lihat bank statement you terdahulu sebelum membuat sebarang aggapan. Jika you berminat, you boleh submit dokumen kepada pihak kami berserta juga dengan dokumen penjamin. Jika ada sebarang soalan, sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448

  87. farah says:

    hi, my name is fara, working in banking industry (international bank) my basic salary is 2600, usually i will get around 3300 to 3500 per month.. am i qualified to have honda city? i’m able to pay downpayment 10k.

    Kindly advice =)

  88. farah says:

    Hi admin,

    i’m interested in Honda City Type E Facelift, and i want to ask u something, am i need a guarantor because I’m only 24y/o?

    So far, i did’t hv any personal loan or cc, so I think my record will be okay, i really hope that i can buy this car as soon as possible after i get my driving license this coming Oct =)

    • admin says:

      What’s the amount of down payment you are willing to pay? How long have you been working? At the moment, do you have L license?

  89. fendi says:

    pesara kerajaan boleh ke jadi penjamin?

  90. Zairy says:

    Salam Sejahtera, saya berminat untuk membeli Honda FC ni dengan bayaran downpayment RM30K, gaji bersih saya adalah RM 1,6++.++. Walau bagaimanapun saya ada rekod CCRIS yang telah dijelaskan sepenuhnya. Mohon bantu kerana nak pakai kereta dengan kadar segera. Sekian, Terima Kasih.

  91. faezah hassan says:

    Salam sejahtera, saya berminat utk membeli honda city type e dengan bayaran downpayment RM 30k,gaji pokok saya Rm 3600 plus elaun jadi Rm4500 (kaktingan kerajaan ). Berapakah bayaran bulanan yang saya perlu bayar (tempoh 9 thn )?terima kasih.

    • admin says:

      Wasalam Faezah, pihak kami sudah emailkan quotation. Kami ada ready stock hampir untuk semua color, hubungi kami jika you berminat. Thanks!

  92. shahidan says:

    Salam Tuan,

    Saya berminat dgn City baru type E. Gaji lepas Kwsp n tax dalam rm3500K. Boleh tuan emailkan quotation utk
    A) City type E
    B) downpayment 5%
    C) 9 tahun loan period

    sertakan sekali
    A) warrantee period berapa lama,
    B) delivery period berapa lama utk warna putih
    C) promotion utk bulan ni
    D) how to submit documents

    Thanks Tuan

  93. aris says:

    Saya nak tanya…kalau statement pakai akaun simpanan…lesen smua ada..nama clear..berniaga 3 bulan .berapa d/p..

  94. aris says:

    Dalam 3k…tapi akaun bukan. akaun berniaga… Dp 5% blh tak..first time apply loan..

    • admin says:

      Hi Aris, you perlu ada penjamin jika you tiada cashflow lebih daripada 4-5k dalam bank account you. Jika you ada penjamin, ia akan membantu

  95. noor says:

    Saya berminat dengan honda baru ni.mgkin gaji saya layak kot,tapi apa kelebihan yg saya dapat jika membeli dengan saudara jika

  96. noor says:

    Saya berminat dengan honda baru ni.bagaimana jika saya mahu tread in myvi 2008 boleh diuruskan sekali ker. Boleh bgtau kelebihan jika membeli dgn saudara. Saya di perak.

    • admin says:

      Wasalam, dealer kami hanya di KL dan Selangor sahaja. Dealer kami selalu ada stock yang banyak dan jika you berminat, you boleh email dokumen you ke email kami. Setelah proses loan telah selesai, pihak kami akan courier kan dokumen ke tempat saudari. Setelah proses selesai, you boleh datang ke showroom kami utk dapatkan kereta tersebut.

  97. noor azelah says:

    Kindly pls email the quotation..tqvm

  98. ahmad isa says:

    mr admin pls email the quotation city type e.thx

  99. MES1973 says:

    saya sanngat berminat mengambil Honda City Facelift 2012 tapi masalah saya tinggal di sandakan, sabah. Tiada pusat service dan jualan. Yang ada cuma di Kota kinabalu. Jika saya membeli adakan akan timbul masalah besar kelak

    • admin says:

      Kami tidak mempunyai dealer di Sabah dan kami tidak sarankan agar tuan mengambil model ini jika tiada service center yang berdekatan. Ia hanya akan menyukarkan tuan di masa akan datang.

  100. MES1973 says:

    Adakan promotion intrest rate 0.88 % baru-baru ini tertakluk kepada kereta Honda City Facelift 2012. tq

  101. nur kasih says:

    could u please send me the quots,price and full specs..tq mr admin

  102. Mohd Hakim Yusoff says: fresh graduate and bru start keje with monthly salary 3500 include sy nak tnye boleh xklau sy nak buat full loan and klau nak amek dgn admin kne ade kene latak dwnpayment ke?and lg stu,sy nak buat loan islamic bnkg..bleh xsuggstkan bank y sesuai dan interest yang rendah,..

    • admin says:

      Wasalam Hakim, pihak kami sudah emailkan quotation sebagai rujukan tuan. Sila hubungi kami semula jika tuan mempunyai sebarang soalan. Thanks ya!

  103. Faz says:

    Salam admin,

    Saya belum bekerja tetap (currently working as a tutor di IPTA) tapi akan bekerja tetap bila dah confirm PhD saya nanti (Next year InsyaAllah). Saya dah lama aim untuk honda city/civic baru, tapi gaji macam tak mampu (for now). Agak2 nya boleh ke saya apply for Graduate Scheme tu? Sebab area parents saya di Bahau tiada Dealer Honda.

    Please advise. Terima Kasih.

    • admin says:

      Salam Faz, jika you masih belajar dan belum berkerja, you tidak layak memohon pinjaman unless you ada penjamin ibu/bapa/suami.

  104. faridah binti abdul rahman says:

    saya telah booking hondacity dengan deeler di K.terengganu pada 3.7.2012.sampai sekarang saya tidak dapat kereta itu kerana tiada stok,loan saya sudah lulus pada bulan ogos lagi…Mengapa begitu sedang you punya syarikat stok banyak?

    • admin says:

      Salam, stock bergantung kepada dealer. Yes, kami banyak ready stock, and kalau you berminat, kami boleh settlekan proses dalam 2-3 minggu sahaja. Thanks! Hubungi saya di 019-3559448

  105. faridah binti abdul rahman says:

    betul ke sekarang hondacity ada tawaran discount Rm1000.00

  106. jj says:

    salam..private sector,basic 2.8k..d/p 10% loan 9 yrs.. how much monthly i need to pay for both varians of city facelift? need guarantor? free gift and etc? thanks

  107. Norli says:

    Sy nak trade in persona M line manual 2009. Then amik Honda City. Pls send quote. Tq

    • admin says:

      Wasalam norli, boleh kami tahu berapakah baki hutang Persona M Line tersebut? Kami sudah emailkan quotation sebagai rujukan. thanks!

  108. Tim says:

    Hi admin,

    Saya interested untuk beli Honda City 2012 (E). Basic = 3500, Fix allowance=600. Epf+socso+pcb= 456, kereta= 435, personal loan=235, kredit card ada outstanding= 7,000. Mintak hantar quotation. Budget saya downpayment dalam 5,000 je. Berapa interest rate? and ada beza tak interest rate kalau saya beli end of 2012 dengan awal 2013?

    • admin says:

      Hi tim, interest rate adalah dalam lingkungan 2.38%. Kalau you beli end of this year, you boleh menikmati rebate sebanyak RM 4,600 bagi model. Sila hubungi kami jika you sudah bersedia. thanks!

  109. aerina abd wahid says:

    pls send the quotation.tq

  110. aena says:

    boleh buat full loan ke??

  111. Man says:

    Minta hantar quotation untuk honda city E + bodykit modulo. using rebate sbgi downpayment + full loan.basic gaji rm3000.tq

  112. nur says:

    pls send the quotation to me..tq

  113. Josialyn Martin says:

    Hi, is the Graduate Scheme Loan available for this? What if I haven’t graduated yet? I’m doing my degree and working at the same time.

  114. zila says:

    Hai admin.
    Skrg sy pakai myvi se thn 9thn.660 monthly.skrg adik sy nk smbung byr myvi,sy ingt nk survey honda city basic salary allowance 1000.agak2 bank dpt luluskan x pinjaman ni sbb myvi tu bwh nama,sy keje under government.tq.n then boleh bg quatation x.

  115. shi says:

    Hi..basic allowance..that enough?how much Deposit n monthly should be?

  116. halmey says:

    hi admin.pls quote for both type city.tq

  117. Are-Name says:

    please do email me promosi terbaru bagi model 2013

  118. MiszS says:

    Kalau myvi Se 2008 to be trade in, how much the value and how many more to be top up for this type s city?
    Boleh bg further advice.

  119. azlina says:

    could u please send me the quots,price and full specs..tq mr admin

  120. Syadatul says:

    Hi admin, can you email me the quotation for both type.thanks.

    • admin says:

      Salam Syadatul, may us know what’s the amount of down payment you are willing to make? Please check your email for more details.

  121. Fadzil says:

    Admin, please send me quotation for both there any promotion for this model right now? Basic 2.8k willing to pay 10% d/p

    • admin says:

      Hi, probably need to wait until next month to find out about March’s promotion. Please check your email for more details.

  122. Polo says:

    Hi, can you send me a quotation for type e honda city with current promo. How long to is the current waiting list? Tq

  123. SHAHARIL AZMI says:

    Boleh saya dapatkan quatation dan current interest rate untuk Honda city S/ bank mana yg tawarkan pling rendah. Basic salary dlm 2.8k..

    • admin says:

      RHB Bank panel kami telah menawarkan harga yang terendah. Sila check email kami utk dapatkan quotation bagi model Honda City tersebut.

  124. shaharil says:

    Honda city s promotion offer rebate, when terminate? until end of this year or what? thanks.

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