Proton Preve Official Prices

We just got back from Proton showroom and we are so excited to update you guys with the news. Confirmation has been made on the price and the price is exactly the same as the price we advertised the other day.


Proton Preve Official Price List:
Senarai Harga Proton Preve 

Model Transmission OTR Price 7 years 9 years
Proton Preve Executive (S) Manual RM 59,540 765 623
Proton Preve Executive (M) Manual RM 59,990 771 628
Proton Preve Executive (S) CVT RM 62,540 804 655
Proton Preve Executive (M) CVT RM 62,990 810 660
Proton Preve Premium (S) CVT RM 72,540 932 760
Proton Preve Premium (M) CVT RM 72,990 938 764

PS: Calculation is made based on 10% down payment and 2.85% interest rate.

The car is very pretty, sporty, a bit bulky looking and spacious in the inside. Sadly, we were not allowed to take any picture at the showroom and we have to respect Proton’s rules and regulations. Proton Preve will be launched tonight around 10 pm at almost all Proton showrooms in Malaysia. We might go there again to snap some photos.


Test drive should be available by tomorrow. Contact our Proton Dealer if you are interested to get this model. The stock is very limited and booking is highly recommended in order to avoid longer waiting period.


Photos credit to Lowyat.Net

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8 Responses to Proton Preve Official Prices

  1. zaharin says:

    How much is the booking amount?
    What’s the estimated waiting time if booking payment would be made around this week?

  2. admin says:

    #Zaharin – booking dalam RM 500. Kalau dah booking, pihak kami diberitahu tempoh masa dalam 1-2 bulan bergantung kepada warna dan model Proton Preve. Boleh hubungi kami di 019-3559448 untuk membuat temu janji. Lebih elok utk buat loan dahulu untuk memudahlan segala urusan.

  3. zaharin says:

    Pls. beri e-mail, nama & alamat dealer,
    saya bekerja di luar & plan cuti June end.

  4. farah says:

    interest bank2 skang brapa? can buy 100% loan kan??

    • admin says:

      Hi Farah, tiada masalah. Interest rate bagi 0% down payment buat masa ini adalah 2.98%. Sila check email you kerana kami sudah hantarkan quotation bagi model ini.

  5. mr arif says:

    Can you please send me a quotation for 100% loan with current interest rate..


    sebutharga terbaru 2013

    bayaran bulanan n interest

    if nak trade in,macam mana prosedur nya
    terima kasih

    • admin says:

      Salam Surinah, sila dapatkan quotation kami di
      Jika you berminat utk trade in, sila email kami details mengenai kereta tersebut dan kami akan cuba dapatkan harga anggaran bagi kereta tersebut. Jika you ada sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448.

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