Perodua Myvi 1.5 – Official Price

Model Transmission OTR Price 7 Years 9 Years GradSch
1.5 SE (S) Manual RM 50,900 656.06 534.87 632.48
1.5 SE (M) Manual RM 51,400 662.51 540.13 638.69
1.5 SE (S) Auto RM 53,900 694.73 566.40 669.76
1.5 SE (M) Auto RM 54,400 701.18 571.65 675.97
1.5 SE Multimedia (S) Auto RM 56,000 721.80 588.47 695.85
1.5 SE Multimedia (M) Auto RM 56,500 728.24 593.72 702.06
1.5 Extreme (S) Manual RM 58,200 750.16 611.59 723.19
1.5 Extreme (M) Manual RM 58,700 756.60 616.84 729.40
1.5 Extreme (S) Auto RM 61,200 788.82 643.11 760.47
1.5 Extreme (M) Auto RM 61,700 795.27 648.36 766.68

* Calculation is made based on 2.9% interest and 10% downpayment for 7 and 9 years. Grad scheme uses 3.8% interest and 0 downpayment. Terms and conditions apply. Call 019-3559448 for booking (Ihsan). Hurry up!

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31 Responses to Perodua Myvi 1.5 – Official Price

  1. razy says:

    hi, yesterday i went to perodua sc near my place..i asked the salesman if i could bought the car with just Rm3000 as a downpayment. but he said, they can only received 10% deposit which is around RM5K++… does this only happen for the new myvi 1.5?TQ

  2. admin says:

    #Razy – Just contact our Perodua Dealer at 019-3559448, and we can handle your case.

  3. IZWAN says:

    asking if say that i book already myvi 1.5 extreme and my bank approve already how long can i get the car?

  4. admin says:

    #Izwan – The answer may be different depending on the location (Perodua Branch) where you made the booking. If you purchase with us, it may take up to 2 months depending on colors. We don’t really promise our customers about the exact waiting period as the Perodua production is currently slow and the waiting period is subjected to change.

  5. razy says:

    hi, already check in perodua website about the price for the myvi 1.5 SE, i noticed that perodua already taken out the price for myvi 1.5 SE without the navigation system…does this mean that after the price is out, there will be only myvi 1.5 SE with navigation system?TQ

    • admin says:

      Hi Razy, the first batch of SE only come with multimedia variant and the one without it will come in around September. We have stock for SE (multimedia) variant if you are interested. Call us at 019-3559448 for booking.

  6. Isaac says:

    hi~i wanna ask,if i hav 43000k for downpayment,pay 7 years~
    the lowest interst is how much?

  7. razy says:

    thanks for the information, i probably wait for the SE without the multimedia, and also the responds from the SE users. TQ

  8. nurul says:

    hye..saya tertarik dgn myvi 1.5 igtkn sy nk trade in myvi sy yg lmer ni taun 2005..myvi ez….tp,,mslhnyer kne tmbh dkt 10k..sbb sy br pakai setaun lbh…n sy ader hutang dgn bank lg 27k sbb sy bli keta ni 2nd hand…nmpknyer xder rezeki la sy nk pki myvi 1.5 ni….xblh ker sy trade in tanpa byr paper??

  9. admin says:

    #nurul – Hutang kereta anda memang tinggi dan memang tidak ada cara lain untuk melepaskan nya.

  10. Elson says:

    Hai, i’m waiting for the Myvi 1.5 SE without multimedia variant…wish to know when it will come in…still long to wait? =(

  11. nadz says:

    ada kelisa 1.0 (M) tahun 2001. abis bayar. leh trade in ke? berapa? tp nama kat geran nama orang tua

  12. admin says:

    #Nadz – Yes, we do accept trade ins and it would be great if you can call us directly at 019-3559448. We’d explain to you all the information you needed.

  13. nadzmi says:

    Dear Admin,

    Can you brief me the process and send to my email

  14. admin says:

    #Nadzmi – Kindly check your email.

  15. Kay says:

    Do you know when the 1.5 SE without multimedia is going to be in the market? I’m interested for a unit.

  16. admin says:

    #Kay – There’s no news about this yet. We’ll surely update the info once we have it.

  17. Encik Man says:

    Salam, saya mahu bertanya tentang harga MyVi 1.5SE (A)-Solid tahun 2011 (Used) yang dijual dengan harga RM48K. Pada pendapat tuan adakah wajar/munasabah untuk dibincang bagi RM45K & kadar faedah pinjaman terendah yang boleh saya perolehi? Berapakah harga pasaran sekarang bagi unit seperti diatas?

  18. Nurul Halimi says:

    Salam..saya nak tanya..kereta myvi 1.5 neyh sama lebih kurang macam viva kew..?? sebab saya ingat nak beli kereta myvi 1.5 neyh..tapi xdew satu ejen pon leyh tolong saya..saya nak pakai nama husband saya…?? tapi nama husband saya blacklist moto..?? leyh ker saya amek kereta neyh..?? untuk dapat full loan..??

  19. Elam says:

    hi. just wanna ask in the mean time onwards, is it true that Myvi Extreme was officially stop it’s production by the manufacturer? because i’m planning to buy one. the dealer said though. first come first served.

  20. colly says:

    I wan to ask, if the name under ccris (special attention ) for c.card, are izzit very hard to apply car loan ?? normally clear all the outstanding how long. my name will delete frm ccris?

  21. Thurai says:

    I would lyk to go fr myvi se1.5 with 0% it possible for non-profitgrad..

  22. Prachi says:

    I m a foreigner in KL but i m living and working for may bank for more then one year. I want to buy myvi1.3xt auto but with zero downpayment. Is it possible for me? Proton persona is available with zero downpayment but its 48k n myvi have better reputation please let me know full details

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