Proton Saga FLX : Monthly Installment

After the recent drop in the interest rate for a local car, the monthly installment has seen to be much lower than usual. Below is the monthly installment for Proton Saga FLX @ interest rate of 2.9% and 10% down payment.

Model Price 7 years 9 years Grad Scheme
1.3 Standard MT (S) RM 38,148 492 401 445-474
1.3 Standard MT (M) RM 38,548 497 405 450-479
1.3 Standard AT (S) RM 41,148 530 432 480-511
1.3 Standard AT (M) RM 41,598 536 437 486-517
1.3 Executive MT (S) RM 41,948 541 441 490-521
1.3 Executive MT (M) RM 42,398 546 446 495-527
1.3 Executive AT (S) RM 44,548 574 468 520-554
1.3 Executive AT (M) RM 44,948 579 472 525-559
1.6 Executive AT (S) RM 46,549 600 489 544-578

PS: Graduate scheme pricing is calculated based 2.90%-3.80% interest with 0% down payment. The interest rate for this scheme will be determined by the bank based on your financial documents, offer letter, savings, etc.

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177 Responses to Proton Saga FLX : Monthly Installment

  1. Mr. Seow says:

    Is it applicable for 5 years installment with the 2.9% interest rate?

    When is the test drive for the new SAGA FLX MT available?

    How long does it take to get the car if a proton SAGA FL/FLX is to be purchased?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mr. Seow, the new FLX model has not launched yet and we’ll keep you update once we receive the information. But, it’s opened for booking. Also, you can get the 2.9% rate if you take 5 years loan. There’s a ready stock for SAGA FL, but of course, it depends on the model and color. Please contact us at 019-3559448.

  3. Mr. Seow says:

    Appreciate for the response.
    Please do keep me inform on any new updates regarding saga FLX model.

    By the way, is there any news to suprise me on the Gen2 model?

    Thank you.

  4. Fong says:

    hi looking for saga fl 1.6,how much is the interest rate now?for 9 years and 10% dp,btw im from ipoh

  5. admin says:

    Interest rate is from 2.9-3.0% depending on your documents. Fyi, our serivces mainly cover KL and Selangor areas only.

  6. Tan says:

    Hi, am interested in getting the saga flx.does the 2.9% interest applies to those who pay higher down payment as well???

  7. admin says:

    It applies almost to all, and let’s say your documents are not strong enough, then the interest might be slighly higher, around 3.0%.

  8. Tan says:

    Ok.Thanks for the info.Your office is in ???anywhere around Klang???

  9. Izwan says:

    I interested with 1.3 Executive AT (M) RM 44,948. Do i need to provide guarantor if my basic 1.6k.

  10. admin says:

    #Tan: Our showroom is at Puchong.

  11. admin says:

    #Izwan: How much down payment are you willing to pay? Do you have any other commitments i.e personal loan?

  12. Izwan says:

    ADMIN> I’m willing to deposit 6k for 9 years. No personal loan though…

  13. nadzreen says:

    I interested with 1.3 Executive CVT. Do i need to provide guarantor if my basic 2.2k and how much is the interest rate? Willing to pay Rm 3000 for down payment.

  14. admin says:

    No need to have guarantor if you have no other financial commitment and the interest rate is around 2.9%. Call us at 0193559448 for booking.

  15. Suthan says:

    Interested in getting Saga FLX 1.6 A.
    I have an old car to be trade in.
    Kindly advice your email add, has can send the car pictures to you. Its ASIA Rocsta.


  16. malaysianbest says:

    Hello i am interested to buy 1.3 Standard MT (S):-

    Down payment : 20K
    Loan Period : 5 Years
    Monthly installment : ?
    My salary is RM 1300 Monthly

    Do i need a guarantor ?

  17. admin says:


    If you are willing to pay 20k down payment, then you won’t need to have a guarantor. Simply call us at 019-3559448 if you want to make an appointment with us. Thanks!

  18. admin says:

    We are sorry to inform you that we are not able to trade in your car, ASIA Rocsta. However, if you are keen to purchase Proton Saga, feel free to give us a call at 019-3559448

  19. Khalid says:

    i. i just start new job after raya, salary 3.5k. previous job salary <2.5k
    ii. i dun hav license now (still L – probably will get it by end october)
    iii. i wish to apply for 100% loan

    do i need guarantor? can i still purchase saga 1.3S AT ?

  20. ruben says:

    hello, Im interested in SagaFLX 1.3 Executive AT. im a fresh grad & a goverment employee. hw much interest rate will be charged if i pay in instalment for 7 years.

  21. Suthan says:

    Hi there, earning about 4410 per month (nett pay) has another car commitment.. how much interest rate will be charged for 9 years…

  22. admin says:

    #Khalid – You don’t need a guarantor but we have emailed you the details. Please have a look at it and contact us again if you need anything.

    #Ruben – Interest that will be charged is around 2.9% but if you want to apply graduate scheme in order to avoid paying down payment and providing a guarantor (in a case that your basic salary does not meet the requirement), the interest rate will be around 3.8%.

    #Suthan – Interest will be around 2.9%.

  23. Suthan says:

    HI there, kindly email me the documents needed for processing the loan.


  24. Saran says:

    will there be a metallic version of Saga FLX 1.6?

  25. daus says:

    hi, interested to trade in my 2007 savvy manual facelifted version with saga flx 1.3 cvt metallic executive. hows the process?

  26. Vincent says:

    Hi, i am a fresh graduate and i am interest with 1.3 Executive MT (M). I dont have a guarantor, but my starting paid is RM3200, i dont have other financial commitment, however, this is my first month of working, therefore. not expecting to pay any down payment.

    Is there still eligible for me to buy it from you.Cause i saw this is a Graduate scheme Pricing.

  27. alwin says:

    hi, good day

    1. im interest in SAGA 1.3 Standard (Manual and Auto)how many
    choice of colour? For Solid and for Metalic? pls list one by
    one for each category colour.
    2. pls quote the latest price for me ==> 10% downpayment and 7
    years installment.
    3. Any latest promotion and discount?
    my income is RM2k.


  28. dellson says:

    hello my name is dellson,,am working with tony romas,,,,,,i earn 1,200,,,,i need a car,,wat typ of car do think will be ok for mi(i mean on install ment),,,,i have garantor,,,,but cant get the dp 10%

  29. admin says:

    Dellson, do you want to get auto or manual car? You can pay less than 10% and when did you start working? Proton Saga FLX is one of the options you have. Others could be Perodua Viva?

  30. Steve says:

    Hi, what is the best interest for FLX 1.3?
    Less than 10% down payment possible? What is the interest for 5 years.T\

  31. admin says:

    Hi steve, yes it is possible to do less than 10%. The interest rate is around 2.9%. Kindly call us at 019-3559448 for booking.

  32. james says:

    hey, my salary is 2700 together with allowances. working in a MNC. will i be eligible for the graduate scheme? what are the required procedure btw?

  33. admin says:

    Hi James, how long have you been working? less than a year? Kindly call us if you want to apply for 0% down payment. We can help you with that easily and the procedure is very simple. Just pass your loan application document that include your copy of IC, license, offer letter, payslip (3 months – if any) and bank statements (3 months). Call us at 019-3559448.

  34. Xion says:

    Harlo there i have my salarxy with permonth 1500 basic not include if full income around 2k
    can i buy 1.6 Executive AT (S) w/o downpayment?
    or with 10% downpaymen what document i should ready

  35. admin says:

    Yes, you can try. Kindly forward us your documents for loan process. The documents should include pay slip (3 months), bank statements (3 months), offer letter (if you work less than a year), copy of IC and license. Call us at 019-3559448 for more information.

  36. Nurul says:

    hi, my salary is rm1600 net can i buy saga flx 1.3 executive (s) with a down payment of rm3000? and what will i need to pay per month? what is the current interest rate for 9 years tenure?

  37. roziana says:

    saya berminat dgn saga fl dan flx. saya nak tau price saga yg guna cvt trnsmission.
    tp saya x kerja. saya cuma ada rumah yg disewakan dgn byrn rm xxx.oo sebulan. klu saya nak booking saga boleh x? boleh lulus loan ker? saya nak letak d/pymnt rm 10,000. agak2 brapa rm utk instalment utk 7 dan 9 thn?
    harap2 dpt jwpan yg segera dr encik.

  38. roziana says:

    sori, lupa nak mentioned yg saya nak auto.

  39. admin says:

    #Roziana – Saudari perlu mendapatkan penjamin bagi kes saudari kerana saudari tidak berkerja. Kalau sudah kahwin, boleh buat joint income loan bersama si suami.

  40. ilani says: salary is around $1300 nett.if i pay downpayment less than 10%, lets say around $3000 for saga FL 1.3 auto (M), do i need to provide guarantor? btw, i dont hv any personal loan n i hv a degree from uni.

  41. admin says:

    #Ilani, you may not need the guarantor but it would make your life become easier if you could find one. If you don’t, you can apply for graduate scheme but the interest rate would be slightly higher. Pass to us your documens for further review.

  42. Diego says:


    If i pass you the documents, can you please check if i am eligible for the loan. I would like to have a zero downpayment. Thanks

  43. Fazliana says:

    Hi there, my salary is RM 2k. I dun have license now (still L – probably will get it by early of January 2012)
    I can pay RM 3K for down-payment.
    What is the rate interest for 9 years?
    I want to buy Saga FLX 1.3 Executive Auto(M) or Saga FLX SE 1.6 Auto(M), do i need a guarantor? What is document required? TQ..

  44. admin says:

    #Fazliana – Yes, it is possible for you to pay RM 3,000 for the down payment. The interest rate is around 2.9%. You may not need to have a guarantor if you get 1.3 variant. The document required should be a copy your IC, pay slips (3 months), bank statements (3 months) and 3 copy photo (passport size) if you don/t have a license. Kindly call our proton representative at 019-3559448 for more information.

  45. Fazliana says:

    What is the monthly installment that I need to pay for 9 years if I want to buy Saga FLX 1.3 Executive auto?

  46. kamarul says:

    hi..saya baru kerja,gaji bersih RM1200 je,nak ambil saga FLX 1.6 SE…bole ke tanpa downpayment..?lulus loan ke x…

  47. dev says:

    hi, i would like to enquire bout saga FL/FLX 1.3 auto(M)(which is available). My salary just RM1,300. i dun have any other commitment (loan) and want to know how much does i have to pay monthly without downpayment.

  48. Dede says:

    Hi… nk beli saga flx cvt 1.3cc n d.payments 12200,sy buat loan 28900.utk 5 tahun,yg jd sy confuse berape rate interest sy leh dpt.adakah 3.10 tinggi.tq

  49. admin says:

    #Dede – Interest rate berada dalam lingkungan 2.9%. Pengiraan bayaran bulanan adalah seperti berikut:

    Price: RM 44,548
    Down Payment: RM 12,200
    Interest: 2.9%
    Period: 9 years
    Monthly: RM 378

    Hubungi En. Ihsan di 019-3559448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

  50. admin says:

    #Dev – Calculation is as follow:

    Price: RM 44,548
    Interest: 3.0% approximation
    Period: 9 years
    Monthly: RM 524

    Interest would be slightly higher if you’re going with 0 down payment and kindly call us at 019-3559448 for further information.

  51. admin says:

    #Kamarul – Case you susah nk lulus. Tuan memang perlu sediakan penjamin dan jika boleh, anda perlu mengeluarkan sedikit wang muka.

  52. Izam says:

    Saya interested nak beli kereta 1.3CVT solid white. Umur 45. Gaji 10K. Tapi nama blacklist, boleh dapat loan? Saya nak bayar deposit 10% Loan max: 5 tahun. Boleh dapat loan dari credit company? Please advise.

  53. Ec says:

    I wish to buy proton saga 1.3 STD metallic but w/o 10% down payment, don’t hv any other financial commitment, clean earning is ard 2.9k.. Not a fresh graduate.. Is that possible..?

  54. Ec says:

    Might want to get 5yrs installment plan.. Pls advice me..? Thks..

  55. dean says:

    Saya interested nak beli saga flx std manual tanpa downpayment dan 9 tahun.Gaji 1.6k sebulan ada komitmen dengan bank tinggal lagi 16 bulan.Adakah saya perlukan guarantor…?

  56. Alan says:

    Hi…. Plan to get a saga flx 1.3 cvt metallic….
    Income 2.1k…. But wif a housing financial commitment at 300 per mth….
    Plan to downpayment rm2000 wif an interest rate of 2.9% for 9 years…. Is tat possible….? Kindly reply to my email for the info… Thx

  57. nasrin akter says:

    Hi I’m interested to buy proton saga 1.3, as I am foreigner but living in Malaysia from last 10 years and, just finished with my BBA and MBA going for my PhD, As I am going to sell my old car and buy a new one, will you please advise me how much is my minimum down payment amount in order to get rest bank loan.

  58. admin says:

    #Ec – yes it is possible to do less than 10% down payment and kindly contact us for more information. The current interest rate for this model is around 2.9%-3.0% and we’d prefer you to contact us so that we can discuss this matter in more details. Thank you.

  59. admin says:

    #Alan – The average interest rate charged to our clients is 2.9% but if you want to do less than 10% down payment, your interest could be nearly 3.0%. The difference is less than ten bucks. Please call us if you need further assistance. Thanks

  60. admin says:

    Are you doing your PhD with a sponsorship from your company? Most of the time, bank would require at least 20% down payment for non-citizen and the highest loan tenure is 5 years.

  61. sweet escape says:

    hye, saya minat nak beli saga FLX SE 1.6, nak letak down payment dalam 5000, berapa installment tiap2 bulan. tp saya x de lesen bley ke tolong..?? thx

  62. admin says:

    #Sweet Escape – Boleh, tiada masalah. Bayaran bulanan bagi model SE (Solid) adalah dalam sekitar RM 520 dengan anggaran interest 2.9%. Jika tiada lesen pon kami boleh bantu dan sila hubungi kami di 019-3559448 untuk maklumat lanjut.

  63. sweet escape says:

    thanx for your quick response, if x letak downpayment berapa installment bulanan..?? plus, nak tanya 100% loan ke nie..?? thx

  64. admin says:

    Kami tidak syorkan agar cik membuat full loan dan interest mungkin akan menjadi lebih tinggi dan menyukarkan lagi proses untuk mendapatkan pinjaman. Tetapi jika tiada pilihan lain, kami akan membantu anda. Bayaran bulanan dalam anggaran RM 580-600.

  65. azila says:

    dlm perancangan sy nk ambil 1.3 executive MT(M)..utk 9 tahun..tnpa downpayment..guna skim graduan..baru keje..basic 1.9k..brp stiap bln ye?1 lg,skim graduan tu valid utk lepasan ape ye?n brp tempoh mase utk skim tu?

  66. azila says: nk ambil 1.3 executive AT(M)

  67. admin says:

    #Azila – Yes, ia valid selagi anda berumur kurang daripada 30 tahun dan anda mempunyai slip degree/diploma atau seadanya. Interest rate yang terbaru ialah 3.1% untuk pinjaman 9 tahun dan 0% down payment.

    Bayaran bulanan adalah dalam lingkungan RM 532. Jika anda berminat, bolehlah hubungi kami di 019-3559448. Dokumen yang diperlukan adalah slip gaji (3 bulan), bank statement (3 bulan), slip degree/diploma, salinan ic dan lesen.

  68. Khairul says:

    saya berminat untuk membeli 1.6 Executive AT (S) dengan down payment dalam Rm5K – 8K untuk pinjam 9tahun. jadi brape interest rate dan monthly payment?

  69. joe says:

    hi, I interested to buy saga 1.3 exec cvt. what is the price car on the road.
    is the interest rate depend by bank or car dealer. if I buy car at seremban will I get 2.9 rate. I wiling to pay d/p 6000, my basic is 1600.

  70. Anne says:

    Hi…i interested nk beli saga 1.6 Executive..i’m fresh grad and baru je start kerja..nk guna skim graduan yg 0 downpayment,my basic only 1.7k…sy xnk pkai guarantor…boleh k?

  71. admin says:

    #Anne – If you are going for 1.3, then the bank can still consider your application. If you want to get 1.6, you would need to have a guarantor.

  72. admin says:

    #Joe – are you still interested?

  73. miera says:

    hai admin. saya nak tnye kalo sy seorang pesara. masih boleh lg ke nk buat full loan??? sy berminat nk beli saga flx 1.3 Standard AT (S).. saya dah sediakan guranto.. berape installment sebulan?? tq

  74. admin says:

    #Miera – Bulanan dalam lingkungan RM 483 berdasarkan anggaran kadar faedah sebanyak 3.0%. Jika dokumen sudah ada, boleh lah hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448.

  75. miera says:

    kalo sy nk byr downpayment dlm 2500… bape plak installment sy????

  76. admin says:

    #Miera – anggaran dalam RM 451. Jika Miera berminat, boleh sediakan dokumen dan buat tempahan. Thanks ya.

  77. sweetescape says:

    berminat dengan saga FLX SE, if d/p 10%..berapa installment bulanan?? TQ

  78. admin says:

    #Sweet Escape – Here’s the monthly installment for the specified model based on 10% down payment:

    1) Saga Executive 1.6 (S): RM 49,449 Monthly RM 520
    2) Saga Executive 1.6 (M): RM 49,899 Monthly RM 524

    Kindly contact us at 019-3559448 if you any questions.

  79. raj says:

    hai saya nak tanya kalau saya nak ambik Saga FLX 1.3 Executive MT (S) deposit i bayar RM5,000 berapa bulanan? saya nak trade in kereta lama (daihatsu charade G11) boleh ke? Tq

  80. raj says:

    hai saya nak tanya kalau saya nak ambik Saga FLX 1.3 Executive MT (S) deposit i bayar RM5,000 (9 tahun) berapa bulanan? saya nak trade in kereta lama (daihatsu charade G11) boleh ke? sebab budget i bulanan RM350. TQ

  81. admin says:

    #Raj – Untuk mendapatkan bayaran bulanan serendah RM 350, anda perlu membayar down payment sebanyak RM 12,000 bagi model Saga Executive Manual. Kami perlu check jika pihak used car kami masih mengambil kereta tersebut. Sila hubungi pihak kami untuk maklumat lanjut di 019-3559448.

  82. tajul says:

    hye sya fresh grad n baru keje…im interested in flx exec auto…i work in a bank and my basic salary is 1.8k, but i can only pay downpayment about 1.5k.. can u please quote for me the price and monthly and the interest rate..

  83. admin says:

    #Tajul – Hi Tajul, based on your condition, we would suggest you to get a loan under graduate scheme. There’s a higher chance for you to get the loan approval. Interest rate under grad scheme is around 3.1%. However, if you do have a guarantor, it would be much helpful. Give us a call at 019-3559448 whenver you are ready.

  84. shalxxx says:

    Hi Admin, I currently own a viva, 07model 1.0cc, i would like to trade that in for Saga FLX Executive….My salary is RM 2500.00I have all the doc ready, Payslips, EA Form, Bank Statement and EPF Statement…how do you think we can work things work? I did apply loan for persona M-Line But no reply on it.

  85. admin says:

    #Shalxx – That’s great! Please note that M-Line Persona is no longer available in the market. If you are going for Proton Saga FLX, it should be fine. We are just curious on the amount of outstanding loan balance of your current Perodua Viva. We would handle your trade in process and you shouldn’t be worried about the offered price. We would compare the prices with our used car panels and get the best price for you. All you need to do is to give En Ihsan a call at 019-3559448. He would be very happy to assist you. Thanks.

  86. aishah says:

    hai…sorry just want to know…
    sy fresh grad n bru keje dlm 3 mggu n my basic salary is blum konvo lg n sy nk tau blh ke apply under grad punye scheme n brape monthly sy kn byr?n sy kije dlm private sector

  87. admin says:

    #Aishah – Itu tidak menjadi masalah. You ada transcript atau surat menyatakan tamat pengajian? Aishah ingin mendapatkan pinjaman penuh ke? Kalau aishah perlukan penjamin, aishah boleh sediakan?

  88. aishah says:

    ade surat dari pihak u yg mengatakan sy da tamat blaja.yup.sbb sy bru keje n xde saving lgk.plan nk ambik full loan la.penjamin tu blh sy sediakan…kalo u kan,ape u punye suggestion?should i tggu dl n saving ckit or mcm mn..kalo saga ni mcm mn dgn die pnye monthly payment if ambik utk 9 tahun?

  89. admin says:

    #Aishah – Pihak kami tidak menggalakkan pinjaman full loan tetapi kebanyakkan orang mempunyai kesimpatan wang untuk disimpan. Jika saudari dapat mengeluarkan 10%, ia juga tidak memberikan beza yang banyak. Lain la jika loan melebihi 60k ke atas kerana interest nya yang akan menjadi lebih tinggi. Jika saudari boleh menyediakan penjamin, pihak kami boleh membantu. Sila hubungi pihak kami di 019-3559448.

  90. aishah says:

    ok,will nk discuss dgn parents dl ye…thanks a lot =)

  91. SUHAILA says:

    hai admin, saya mempunyai basic pay yang rendah. rm850.saya berminat dengan saga 1.3 Standard AT (M). soalan saya:

    -adakah saya memerlukan penjamin sekiranya saya boleh beri 10% down payment?
    -berapakah bayaran bulanan yang akan dikenakan?
    -sekiranya saya punya rancangan bayaran bulanan adalah rm350. berapakah down payment yang perlu dibayar?

  92. admin says:

    #Suhaila – Berdasarkan gaji saudari, saudari perlukan penjamin. Lebih elok jika penjamin itu adalah ibu/bapa/ahli keluarga yang masih berkerja.

    Bayaran bulanan jika 10% down payment adalah RM 435. Jika ingin dapatkan bayaran bulanan serendah RM 350, down payment perlulah sekurang-kurangnya RM 11,000.

    Jika saudari berminat, boleh sediakan dokumen salinan ic, lesen memandu, pay slip 3 bulan dan bank statement 3 bulan. Penjamin perlu sediakan salinan ic, pay slip 3 bulan dan bank statement 3 bulan. Hubungi kami di 019-3559448 untuk membuat temu janji.

  93. Sukri says:

    Hello, i’m interested in flx se auto but i have some question.
    Do have any rebate if i make full payment?
    Any condition for full payment?

  94. admin says:

    #Sukri – Do you mean that you are planning to apply for a full loan or you are planning to pay the full payment with cash? In the meantime, there is no promotion available for the selected model. However, you are entitled to receive our special free gifts. Give us a call at 019-3559448 if you would like to set an appointment with us.

  95. Violet says:

    Hi..jz 2 inqry…im looking for saga flx cvt 1.3, hw much is the interest rate now?for 9 years..without dwnpymnt. TQ

    • admin says:

      Hi Violet, the normal interest rate is from 2.85-2.90%. If you plan to purchase with a full loan, you may need to use graduate scheme which has a higher interest rate of 3.1%. Kindly let us know if you would like to speak to our Proton dealer or call us at 019-3559448.

  96. Mohan says:

    Hi, i’m looking for a saga flx standard (cvt) with grad scheme?? any dealers i can consult with. Tq

    • admin says:

      Hi Mohan, yes you can call En Ihsan at 019-3559448. He is the Proton dealer and he has been handling a lot of cases under graduate scheme.

  97. hafez says:

    basic salary allowance and OT 1.7k already working for 2 years. interested for saga flx 1.3 cvt auto..can i apply under graduate scheme..did i need guarantor and how much monthly installment also how much the interest. for ur information i don’t have any commitment.

    • admin says:

      Salam Hafez, yes you do need a guarantor. It would be best if you could provide us more information on the amount of down payment you are able to pay. If you are planning to apply for a full loan, just let us know so that we can send you a quotation.

    • hafez says:

      salam..yes i would like to apply full loan under graduate scheme..please sent me quotation..thanks

  98. Cammy says:

    Looking into the Standard Metallic (A), Basic 2.1k been working with the company for 1yr, graduate scheme, don’t want to pay any d/p. No others loan on hand so how many percentage of chances can get the approval from bank?
    1.How much to pay per month if installment 7yrs scheme? interest still on 2.9%?

    2.Where is your showroom?
    3.How fast is the process to get the car?
    4.Would like to aim the car no plat with WWW, can it be done?


    • admin says:

      Hi Cammy,
      If you plan to apply for a loan under graduate scheme, the interest rate should be 3.1%. Our Proton showroom is in puchong and the process could be within 2-3 weeks depeding on the color you would like to choose. WWW can be arranged but the minimum price is around RM 350.

  99. hafez says:

    also please send me what document need to provide and guarantor document.

  100. ZACK says:


  101. Mawar says:

    Is this the current price list ?

    • admin says:

      It was posted on July 2011, and if you would like to get a quotation from us, kindly specify which model that you are interested to purchase.

    • Mawar says:

      I’m interested in Saga flx 1.6. Can I request a quotation for both with down payment and 0 down payment? I am currently working at GLC am I eligible for 0 down payement?

  102. mike says:

    I wish to have a proton saga flx 1.3 standard at.. may I know about its price and details?? thanks!

  103. nurhasinah binti ibrahim says:


    i think i wanna buy saga FL with the dp rm2000. can u give me the qoutation n how can i contact u for more details inquiries.

  104. joehan says:

    hi i wanna ask about full loan, not a graduate scheme for saga flx 1.3 standard. my basic salary is 1500 plus commission&ot 1700-2000.

    • admin says:

      If you would like to get a full loan under normal scheme, you need to have a guarantor. It would be much better if you take the graduate scheme. The interest is around 2.98%.

  105. miss lalala says:

    Hi, i would like to buy a saga flx 1.3 auto (solid white). I am 25 years old, a banker with a monthly salary of MYR2.5K. How much do i need to pay monthly if i want to take full loan or 1K downpymnt? How long would it takes? tq

    • admin says:

      Hi Miss, we have sent you the quotation. Kindly check your email and we look forward to hearing from you. Takecare

  106. wan says:

    hai..saya bercadang nk bli saga 1.3 Standard AT (M), gaji bersih dalam rm 1.5k, if saya byar d/p rm4000, adkah saya masih memerlukan pnjamin? bleh anta quotation by email..tq

    • admin says:

      Salam wan, berdasarkan gaji yang dinyatakan, tuan mungkin tiada masalah utk dapatkan penjamin. Pihak kami akan hantarkan quotation ke email tuan dengan segera.

  107. Azman says:

    Hi Admin,

    i want to trade in my saga BLM for new FLX 1.3 Exec (M). how much will be total addition? Option for 0% downpayment

    Saga BLM Silver M-Line Auto, make 2009 December
    Outstanding Loan RM31,860, Mileage 45k

  108. zaidi says:

    hi admin
    i would like to buy saga BLM FLX 1.3 Exec Manual (solid white)I am 30 years old, a swasta company with a monthly salary of MYR1.6K. How much do i need to pay monthly if i want to take full loan or 1K downpymnt? How long would it takes? tq

    • admin says:

      Zaidi, we have sent you the details. We are not sure if you are entitled to receive the graduate scheme as the cut off age is 30. Please do call us for more info.

  109. Lina says:

    Hi admin,
    I want to buy Saga flx standard. 2years of working experience as of date. Monthly 3.6k nett..
    Plan to buy w/o or 1k d/payment for 9years loan.
    How much will the monthly installment be?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lina, kindly check your email. We have sent you the quotation as requested. Let us know if you have prepared all the documents as requested. Thanks!

  110. mizi says:

    Klu basic 1700 blh dpt full loan utk saga flx auto standard x?

    • admin says:

      Hi Mizi, boleh cuba kalau you berminat. Sediakan kesemua dokumen yang diperlukan dan Mizi boleh call kami di 019-3559448.

  111. Nyein Chan says:

    Dear Admin,

    I have recently arrived in Kuching and am planning to buy a Proton Saga. I have a relatively good salary as I work as an academic at Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus) but as a fresh PhD-graduate who has just got out of years of studies and student life means I cannot afford much downpayment. Do you also cover the Kuching/Sarawak areas? I’d be grateful if you kindly please offer advice.

    Kind regards,

  112. mizi says:

    klu full loan, brape monthly commitment utk 9 thn…

  113. alice says:

    I would like to purchase Saga 1.3 manual. Can I get more detail about it? My salary is 1.7k working almost one year. What document do I need if I want to purchase 0 down payment car?

  114. apiq says:

    Salam & hi

    saya fresh graduate baru bekerja( belum sampai sebulan). Gaji bersih 2300. So nak tahu any recommendation kereta untuk saya beli? kalau boleh monthly payment should be less than 500.


    • admin says:

      Wasalam Apiq, maaf kerana lewat reply. Berdasarkan budget you, you boleh ambil model saga flx standard atau perodua viva. Untuk keselesaan, you boleh ambil Perodua Myvi 1.3 standard. Jika apiq masih berminat, you boleh hubungi kami.

  115. wong says:

    I would like to purchase Saga 1.3 manual. Can I get more detail about it? My salary is 1.6k What document do I need if I want to purchase 0 down payment car?

  116. wong says:

    “I would like to purchase Saga 1.3 manual. Can I get more detail about it? My salary is 1.7k working almost one year. What document do I need if I want to purchase 0 down payment car?”

    • admin says:

      Hi Wong, do you want to get the Standard or Executive model? You can apply a full loan under graduate scheme and the documents you need to provide should include a copy of IC, license, bank statements 3 months and pay slips 3 months. Please give us a call for more information at 019-3559448

  117. azy says:

    hello… sy nak tnya brapa sy perlu byr setiap bulan if sy ambil saga flx 1.3 Executive AT (S) dgn grad scheme. gaji basic 900 + elaun 200 , xtermasuk commission .. adakah sy perlukan grntor?

    • admin says:

      Hello Azy, berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan, azy perlu dapatkan penjamin kerana gaji bersih azy tidak memenuhi syarat. Jika azy masih ada ibu/bapa yang masih berkerja, mereka boleh jadi penjamin kepada saudari.

  118. Ck.Mat says:

    Protao Saga FLX 1.6, D.Payment 20K. untuk 6 tahun.Kereta nama anak saya (under grad student)Payment saya yang bayar.Is it posible and whow much the intrest rate. Tolong quote saya.Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Salam CK, pihak kami telah emailkan you quotation seperti yang dinyatakan. Jika you berminat, you boleh hubungi kami di 019-3559448.

  119. hafiz says:

    basic sy 950..cmpur elaun n ot dlm,tolak epf socso n advance,gaji bersih berminat dgn saga 1.3 mt..adakah sy layak membuat pinjaman atau memerlukan penjamin?sy bercadang utk mmbyr bulanan rm500..apakah saranan tuan?

  120. Mak Chen Wai says:

    Hi admin,I’m interested on saga flx 1.3 executive MT (M),fresh graduate from college,but hvvnt get Diploma cert,I hv an offer letter which stated basic salary rm1.3k,btw this was my 1st month to work full time in this company(I’m part timer in same company be4),my parents still working but dun hv documents,my dad do hv an income tax,i willing to pay D.payment 5k..
    Is it possible to get loan?

    • admin says:

      Hi Mak, you need to ask your parent to be your guarantor. Should you be interested to proceed with the loan application, kindly provide the following documents:

      Copy of IC
      Copy of License
      Copy of Offer Letter

      Your dad/mom should provide their copy of IC, bank statements (3 months) and kwsp (if any)

  121. dev says:

    I would like to purchase Saga 1.3 manual. Can I get more detail about it? My salary is 1.4k working almost 5 year. What document do I need if I want to purchase 0 down payment car?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dev, you need a guarantor if you would like to apply for a car loan as your salary doesn’t meet the minimum requirement.

  122. Ron says:

    Hello, I’m a fresh graduate and just start working. My basic salary is 2.4k. Can you please give me quotation on any manual cars that has 0 downpayment.. and do I need a guarantor? Also, what are the documents do I need to provide? Thank you..

  123. Sasi0026 says:

    hi..i am still trainee in ministry of health who gets monthly elauns of rm 1100 and my mum earning rm 3500 basic.i wanted to buy preve executive and with 0 much interest will be charged and montly payment will be given.and how much i need to pay total to take this car??

  124. darkchiek says:

    i would like to ask about the loand
    need how much salary just can apply for the loan?

  125. Tivya says:

    I wish to buy saga flx 1.3 Standard MT (M) auto or manual. My basic is RM 1.8k.No personal loan or anything like that. So i wanna noe if i still can purchase it without a guarantor and obtain loan for 9 years tenure. I can manage a 10% downpayment. Can you provide a quotation with all charges included.

  126. Ann says:


    I’m a foreigner and interested in getting the latest proton saga flx with 0 downpayment. I’m working in CIMB and my monthly salary is 6900. Is 0 downpayment applicable for me? I’m still going through the driving class here in KL.

    Kindy advise.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    • admin says:

      Hi there, you are required to pay at least 30% down payment with max of 5 years loan. That’s the requirement set by the bank.

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  128. umi hasheida hussain says:

    saya nak tahu lebih lanjut tentang SAGA.. serious buyer. adik saya nak belikan untuk ayah saya tetapi dia tiada lesen. boleh bagi detail x?
    u can contact me at 0132392061


  129. mastura osman says:

    Slm sya nk tnya sya brminat dgn saga flx 1.6 se.klo sya byr mka rm2000 blanan dia brapa.sya nk tlak wira yg sya pkai skrg.

    • admin says:

      Wasalam Mastura, Proton Wira you model tahun berape, auto or manual? Sila check email you utk dapatkan quotation bagi Proton Saga ini.

  130. Dinesh says:

    Hi my basic is 2.1k.. I would like to know about the monthly installment for proton preve executive if it is 0% deposit

    • admin says:

      Hi Dinesh, we have sent you the latest price quotation for this Proton Preve. Please let us know if you are interested.

  131. kam says:

    Gaji saya Rm1200,adakah saya lulus untuk membeli saga 1.6 Executive?

  132. sya says:

    salam..basic salary sy rm1400..adakah saya lulus untuk saga flx se 1.6?

  133. Jaynesh says:

    I’m interested in 1.6 Executive AT (S). Can i trade in my current proton iswara 1.3 (sedan saloon)year 2000 model. Can I request a quotation for both with down payment and 0 down payment?

  134. siti fatimah says:

    Im working with basic salary of 1200. Am i eligible for 100% loan for Saga flx? I dont have penjamin.

  135. Raj says:

    I’m non Malaysian, working in a MNC (permanent staff) as Manager with salary more than 7k per month. I have work permit visa active for three years. I’m willing to pay 20% downpayment and would like to take loan for 2 or 3 years for Proton Saga FLX. AM I eligible? If yes, what interest rate could you provide loan on? Thanks.

  136. mea says:

    sy kerja kerani . total gaji 1400 .tp basic rm 900 .sy berminat nak ambil saga 0 d/payment .mcm mana ?

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