October Promotion for Toyota

October promotion for Toyota remains the same as last month’s promotion. Nothing is special this month but just call us at 019-3559448 if you are interested to purchase any Toyota cars. Set an appointment now! If you need to test drive, contact us immediately and you can set any time that works best for you. We look forward to providing you the best service we could offer. Click here for more info on the promotion:  Toyota October Promotion

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6 Responses to October Promotion for Toyota

  1. fenderbirds says:

    nice article, keep the posts coming

  2. Ting Siew Chian says:

    I interest to buy Toyota Altis or Camry please give me the good price,got any promotion at year end & how much interest now?

    • admin says:

      Hi, thank you for your inquiry. Interest can go as low as 2.88% depending on your financial status. Call us directly at 019-3559448 for a better promotion.

  3. sky says:

    pls give me the best interest rate and discount, I am interest on toyota vios AT. Pls do reply, thank you.

    • admin says:

      Dear sir,

      Please submit us your document and we’ll see from that. The lowest interest rate that has been given to our previous customers were 2.8%. The rate is also determined based on your financial record.

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